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Human resources staff can boost their recruitment methods with TechRepublic Premium’s diverse library of ready-made, downloadable hiring kits.

With the pace of business life moving quickly and relentlessly, it’s prudent for HR personnel to seek ways to save time.

You could spend hours writing a hiring kit yourself, but consider how much your time is worth. It’s probable that you want to spend your efforts on finding the right candidate, not on the actual writing process.

Each of our hiring kits contains a salary range, desirable skills, job description, interview questions and a job ad.

Subscribe to TechRepublic Premium and get access to 100+ ready-made hiring kits. Just download a hiring kit and customize it to fit your company’s needs. Best of all, we’re constantly adding to our library. As technology changes, we publish new kits and update existing ones. Whether you need a CTO, social media analyst or cloud engineer, we’ve got you covered.

A sample of TechRepublic Premium’s hiring kits

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