5 fruits that can keep your insomnia in check

Suffering from bouts of insomnia? You are not alone.

According to a 2015 survey conducted by electronic goods giant Phillips in 2015, nearly 93 per cent of Indians tend to be sleep-deprived!

Several factors such as demanding jobs, chronic stress, poor diet, undiagnosed mental health problems can lie at the bottom of your sleeping problems.

However, here’s the good news: The right nighttime snack can help you sleep better! So if you are one of those who crave some food in the middle of the night, make sure to munch on one of these snacks, to get some quality shut-eye time!


Not only are these tropical fruits extremely satisfying to eat (and delicious!), but they are also a great source of melatonin, a sleep hormone! The yellow fruit also possesses a high amount of tryptophan, which our body converts into serotonin or the ‘feel good’ hormone.

Tart Cherries

Having difficulty falling asleep? Munch on some tart cherries, or sip on some tart cherry juice! These cherries are rich in the sleep hormone melatonin, which is known to be the miracle hormone for insomniacs.


Not only do they taste absolutely heavenly, but they can help you sleep better! pineapples contain melatonin, vitamin C, magnesium, and fiber, which can improve the quality of sleep.


Daily consumption of this fruit can be a solution to your sleeping problems! This juicy fruit is rich in vitamin C and melatonin.


A papaya a day can keep sleep problems at bay! This sumptuous tropical fruit has an ample amount of folate, vitamin C & E as well as potassium. All of these nutrients are known to boost sleep quality!

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William Murphy

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