75,000% return: Man gets windfall from SBI shares

In a surprising turn of events, a doctor in Chandigarh stumbled upon a hidden treasure trove within his family’s assets. Dr. Tanmay Motiwala, a pediatric surgeon, unearthed old share certificates from the State Bank of India while organizing his family’s financial holdings. What began as a routine task turned into a revelation when Dr. Motiwala realized that his grandfather had made a shrewd investment decision back in 1994.

The discovery unveiled that Dr. Motiwala’s grandfather had purchased SBI shares worth Rs 500 over three decades ago. Remarkably, these shares were never sold, and their existence had slipped from the family’s memory over time. However, the enduring power of equity investment came to light as the initial Rs 500 investment had now ballooned into a substantial sum.

The SBI shares, which were long forgotten, have appreciated significantly, now valuing at Rs 3.75 lakh. This staggering growth represents a remarkable 750x or 74,900 per cent return on investment over the span of thirty years.

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Dr. Motiwala took to social media platform X to share his astonishment and joy at the unexpected windfall. In his post, he recounted the story, stating, “My Grandparents had purchased SBI shares worth Rs 500 in 1994. They had forgotten about it… Not a big amount but yeah 750x in 30 years. Indeed is big.”

Additionally, Dr. Motiwala provided insights into the process of converting his family’s stock certificates into a demat format. Acknowledging the challenges involved, he highlighted the assistance of an advisor/consultant in navigating the cumbersome procedure. Despite the time-consuming nature of the conversion process, Dr. Motiwala expressed satisfaction in successfully modernizing the majority of the certificates.

As for the future, Dr. Motiwala disclosed his intention to hold onto these shares, citing no immediate need for cash.

Since sharing his story, Dr. Motiwala’s post has resonated widely, sparking discussions and prompting others to share similar anecdotes. Responding to the revelation, one individual remarked, “This is a real investment. We should learn from our elders.” Another shared a personal experience, underscoring the value of inherited investments and their role in shaping financial literacy.

Dr. Motiwala’s discovery serves as a poignant reminder of the potential rewards of long-term investment strategies and the importance of periodically revisiting and reassessing financial assets.

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