'9 pirates being brought to India to face legal action'

The Indian Navy, after successfully rescuing an Iranian fishing vessel and its 23-member Pakistani crew from pirates, announced that the nine surrendered pirates would be brought to India for further legal action. The pirates will be prosecuted under the Maritime Anti-Piracy Act, 2022.

The 23-member Pakistani crew of the rescued Iranian fishing vessel, Al-Kambar, expressed their gratitude to the Indian Navy. They raised ‘India Zindabad’ slogans, thanking the Navy’s specialist team for protecting them from the nine armed pirates. Following the rescue, the crew underwent a thorough medical checkup before being cleared to continue with their fishing activities.

Grateful Crew and Continued Activities

The crew’s expression of gratitude highlights the successful outcome of the Indian Navy’s anti-piracy operation. The crew’s swift return to fishing activities underscores the importance of maintaining maritime security in the region.

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Completing Operation and Legal Action

Following the rescue operation, the Indian Navy’s specialist teams completed sanitization and seaworthiness checks of the fishing vessel Al-Kambar. The crew, comprising 23 Pakistani nationals, underwent thorough medical checkups before being allowed to continue with their fishing activities.

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“The crew, comprising 23 Pakistani nationals, were given a thorough medical checkup prior to clearing the boat to continue with her fishing activities,” it said.

The Indian Navy on Friday had rescued the hijacked Iranian fishing vessel and its crew, after more than 12 hours of “intense coercive tactical measures” as part of the anti-piracy operation.

The hijacked vessel was intercepted on Thursday, the Navy said on Friday.

“INS Sumedha intercepted FV ‘Al Kambar’ during early hours of Friday and was joined subsequently by the guided missile frigate INS Trishul,” it said.

“After more than 12 hours of intense coercive tactical measures as per the SOPs, the pirates on board the hijacked fishing vessel were forced to surrender. The crew, comprising 23 Pakistani nationals, have been safely rescued,” the Indian Navy has added.

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The fishing vessel at the time of incident was approximately 90 nm southwest of Socotra and was “reported to have been boarded by nine armed pirates,” it said.

Successful Rescue Mission

The Indian Navy’s operation unfolded on March 29 when INS Sumedha intercepted the hijacked vessel FV Al-Kambar. The operation, which lasted over 12 hours, saw the pirates surrendering without any bloodshed, marking the second successful operation of its kind this month.

Commitment to Maritime Security

The Indian Navy reiterated its commitment to ensuring maritime security in the region and the safety of all seafarers, regardless of their nationalities. The Navy has been actively involved in anti-piracy operations in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

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