Anand Mahindra lauds Google's Hyderabad expansion

Indian Business tycoon Anand Mahindra has lauded American tech giant Google‘s decision to build its largest office outside the United States in Hyderabad. On Thursday, Mahindra hailed the move as a “geopolitical statement” of immense importance.

“This is not news about just one new building project. When a global, iconic giant like Google decides to build its largest office outside the U.S. in a particular country, it’s not just commercial news, it’s a geopolitical statement. It’s all happening here now…finally,” Mahindra expressed in a tweet, emphasising the broader implications of Google’s move.

— anandmahindra (@anandmahindra)

Twitter Echoes Mahindra’s Sentiments

Several X (Twitter) users agreed with Mahindra’s viewpoint in the comments of his social media post. One user wrote, “Google’s setting up its grandest non-U.S. office in India isn’t just big news—it’s like the universe handed India the mic and said, ‘Your time to shine!’ Geopolitical chess just got a pixelated twist. Bravo, India.”

— theswapnilsri (@theswapnilsri)

Another user chimed in and wrote, “From Silicon Valley to the heart of India’s tech scene, Google’s decision to build its largest office outside the U.S. in Hyderabad reaffirms the idea that innovation knows no borders and that the world is truly becoming a global village. The office will be a 3M ft structure!”

Google’s Grand Vision

Wondering what’s the buzz all about? Google’s new office, set to finish by 2026, will be a colossal 3 million square foot building, making it the company’s largest owned and operated campus outside its Mountain View California headquarters.

The project is being led by the renowned British architectural firm Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM), which has been working closely with Google since 2015.

AHMM earlier revealed that the campus will house around 18,000 employees. With glass walls, green spaces, and lots of natural light, the office will be designed to be eco-friendly.

As per reports, its layout will encourage strolls around the building, and there will be cool recreational areas for the employees. The new campus is expected to be top-notch, keeping up with Google’s reputation for awesome workspaces.

Currently, Google operates out of a leased facility in Kondapur, Hyderabad, employing around 7,000 people. The decision to construct this sprawling new campus shows Google’s aim of expanding its footprint in India, marking a pivotal moment in the nation’s technological landscape.

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