Ayodhya aims to set 'world record' this Diwali

Ayodhya’s Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University Administration has started preparations to illuminate the ghats of Ayodhya by lighting 24 lakh lamps on Diwali, said a press release by Varsity, adding that volunteers at 51 ghats of Ram Ki Paidi and Chaudhary Charan Singh Ghat in order to make ‘Ayodhya Deepotsav’ historic.

According to the official release, the target set by the Uttar Pradesh government is to light 21 lakh lamps and create a world record.

Under the supervision of University Vice-Chancellor, Pratibha Goyal, the regionalised Deepotsav will be made grand, said the official statement, adding that more than 25,000 volunteers will again set a world record in the Deepotsav.

The press release mentioned that 60 to 70 per cent of the lamps have already been placed at all the ghats with the help of volunteers under the supervision of voulanteers, ghat in-charges and ghat coordinators.

In order to make the festival of lights seem supernatural, the university administration has ensured the allocation of lamps, wicks, candles, and other materials to all the coordinators and volunteers, according to the official release.

The entry of officials discharging responsibilities related to Deepotsav will be allowed at the Deepotsav site, while volunteers and others will be allowed to enter the Deepotsav site only with the identity cards issued by the university administration and the district administration, according to the official release.

Apart from this, it will be mandatory for them to bring an Aadhar card along with a Deepotsav identity card.

The press note further said that a space of 2.5 feet has been set aside for the volunteers to light the lamps and a space of 4.50 by 4.50 square feet has been set aside for the block of 16 by 16 (256) lamps. Similarly, a block of 14 times 14 has also been made. The lamps of these blocks will be lit by the volunteers.

As per the release, the work of laying lamps on all the ghats will be done by the volunteers under the supervision of the ghat in-charge by November 9.

After decorating the lamps and achieving the target on November 10, the ghats will be cleaned and the lamps will be counted by the Guinness Book of World Records team.

Volunteers and ghat in-charges will have to wear cotton clothes on the day of Deepotsav and while lighting the lamps, one has to take care of oneself as well as others, said the press release.

As per the official release, Deepotsav Nodal Officer, Sant Sharan Mishra, said, “Volunteers and other officials have been informed about the preparations for Deepotsav and buses have been arranged for the volunteers from the university to Deepotsav. The buses will leave for Ram ki Paidi from the university every day at 8 am.”

Roy Walsh

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