Azam Khan sentenced to 7 years in Dungarpur case

Azam Khan, the senior Samajwadi Party (SP) leader, has been sentenced to seven years in prison in the Dungarpur case. Along with Khan, three others – Aale Hasan, Azhar Ahmad Khan, and Barkat Ali – were also convicted and received five-year prison terms. The judgment was delivered by the Rampur MP/MLA court, and the convicted individuals were sentenced under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Background of the Case

The case dates back to 2016 and involves a property dispute in the Dungarpur area of Uttar Pradesh‘s Rae Bareilly district. This marks the fifth case in which Azam Khan has been convicted in the past two years, highlighting a series of legal troubles for the SP leader.

Previous Convictions

Azam Khan and his family have faced multiple convictions in recent years. Last year, Khan, his son Abdullah Azam, and wife Tanzeen Fatima were convicted in a fake birth certificate case. Additionally, Khan has been convicted in cases related to hate speech and blocking traffic.

Ongoing Legal Issues

Currently, Azam Khan is serving a sentence in Sitapur jail in another criminal case. The court proceedings were conducted via video conferencing, highlighting the continued legal challenges faced by the veteran politician.


The conviction of Azam Khan and others in the Dungarpur case underscores the need for adherence to the law and accountability for actions. It also raises questions about the future of the Samajwadi Party, as one of its senior leaders faces significant legal repercussions.

The conviction of Azam Khan in the Dungarpur case adds to his legal troubles and highlights the complexities of the Indian political landscape. As the legal proceedings continue, the case will be closely watched for its impact on the political dynamics in Uttar Pradesh and beyond.

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