Best BT broadband deals: Pay less for internet with these epic offers

Best BT broadband deals

Best BT broadband deals (Image: BT)

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If you’re paying too much for broadband, BT could have the answer with big deals on its internet bundles. The firm has just launched its big January discounts, dubbed the “Power Up” sale, which includes basic 38Mbps internet access for as little as £24.99 per month – that’s one of its lowest ever prices.

There are also deals on Fibre 1 available for £27.99 (50Mbps speeds) or Fibre 2 for £29.99 (73Mbps downloads). If you’re lucky enough to have the very latest and fastest available full-fibre technology in your street then BT is offering some of its best speeds at half the usual price for the first three months of the contract.

That means you can get blisteringly quick 900Mbps downloads for just £27.95 per month and BT will also throw in 12 months of access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Here are all of BT’s best January deals…

Best BT broadband deals

BT is currently offering broadband for under £25 per month (Image: BT)

BEST ON A BUDGET • Fibre Essential

NOW £24.99 – WAS £27.99

The cheapest deal from BT features 36Mbps speeds for just £24.99 per month. This package is fine for checking emails, surfing the web and watching the odd boxset or two on Netflix. There’s a two-year contract to sign and no limit on what you can download.



NOW £29.99 – WAS £32.99

If you want faster speeds but don’t fancy paying a fortune for the privilege then BT’s Full Fibre 2 is a good option. This plan offers 74Mbps speeds which should cope with busy homes and, right now, BT is even offering a free boost to speedy 500Mbps for a month.

There’s a two-year contract to sign and there’s no limit on what you can download.



NOW £27.49 (first 3 months, then £54.99)

Want the best broadband in town? BT offers some customers the chance to whizz files to their PCs at speed of 900Mbps. At that rate, you could download a full HD movie in just 40 seconds.

Right now, you can get this package for half the usual price and BT is also throwing in a year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


Best BT broadband deals

Best BT broadband deals (Image: BT)


All of these deals include unlimited downloads and BT’s Stay Fast Guarantee, which means things should never drop beyond a certain threshold. This applies to both download and upload speeds, which is handy for those who work from home …or don’t like buffering.


BT is one of the UK’s best-known and most trusted Internet Service Providers. The company is investing heavily in its infrastructure with more homes getting faster speeds on an almost daily basis.

In fact, BT’s Openreach, which provides the underlying infrastructure for BT, TalkTalk, Sky, Plusnet, and a number of other popular broadband firms, has connected more than five million homes to its full-fibre infrastructure with it hoped 25 million will get better speeds by 2026.

The company has also brought all of its call centres back to the UK with Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s consumer division, saying: “We know how important providing a personal, and local, service is to our customers.

“We’re delivering on our commitment to answer all of our customer service calls in the UK and Ireland. We know our customers value speaking to someone who understands their issue down to the regional differences that make us so great as a country, whether that’s expert help with tech or chat about the local football team.”


Not sure what BT speeds are best for you? Here’s a quick guide to what your home needs.

We’re all using our broadband more and more but not everyone needs blisteringly quick speeds. If you simply browse the web, send a few emails and watch the odd box set on Netflix then a standard 36Mbps connection should cope just fine.

However, if you have a busy home then you will definitely want something faster and it’s not just about quicker downloads.

Your broadband is a bit like a motorway – the more traffic that runs through it the slower it gets. So, if you have a busy house it’s best to get the fastest speeds you can afford to avoid annoying buffering.

Here’s how long it takes to download a full HD movie with different speeds on offer from the UK’s ISPs.

SPEED 36Mbps – DOWNLOAD TIME = 16 minutes

SPEED 76Mbps – DOWNLOAD TIME = 7 minutes

SPEED 150Mbps – DOWNLOAD TIME = 4 minutes

SPEED 300Mbps – DOWNLOAD TIME = 2 minutes

SPEED 1Gbps – DOWNLOAD TIME = 40 seconds


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