BJP slams Rahul Gandhi over EVM remark

Union minister and BJP leader Hardeep Singh Puri has denounced Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his recent comments regarding Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). Puri asserted that the BJP has approached the Election Commission (EC) and emphasized the necessity for the EC to take decisive measures against the Congress leader.

During a meeting, Puri highlighted Gandhi’s statements made at the INDIA bloc gathering held at Ramlila Maidan, labeling them as objectionable and carrying significant implications. Gandhi allegedly remarked, “This is a fixed match,” insinuating distrust in the electoral process and suggesting government influence within the EC. Moreover, he reportedly claimed that elections cannot be won without EVMs and lamented the perceived erosion of constitutional rights.

“Today, we presented several issues before the EC…One, yesterday INDIA alliance meeting was held at Ramlila Maidan. There, Rahul Gandhi said several things which are very objectionable with serious implications. He said “This is a fixed match”…He also said that the government has its own people in the EC and the elections can’t be won without EVM…He also said that the rights provided by the Indian Constitution are being snatched away.”

Puri further accused Gandhi of disparaging Prime Minister Narendra Modi and tarnishing his reputation. He referenced Gandhi’s purported remarks regarding the cancellation of the Constitution after “400 paar” and his social media posts insinuating that the Prime Minister condoned rapists. Puri characterized Gandhi’s rhetoric as indicative of a debased political discourse driven by frustration.

The union minister said, “He (Rahul Gandhi) said that a BJP worker had said that after “400 paar” the Constitution would be cancelled. We don’t know which worker said that…He also posted on ‘X’ and ‘Instagram’ an image of PM Modi and alleged that the PM said that he will give his life to save rapists…Such a low-level political discourse!…We can understand his frustration. His INDI alliance is breaking…We told the Election Commission that mere notice is enough, stringent action needs to be taken.”

Asserting the need for decisive action, Puri conveyed to the Election Commission that a mere notice would be insufficient, advocating for stringent measures in response to Gandhi’s comments.

Harry Byrne

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