Boeing near 787 Dreamliner delivery restart, head of commercial airplanes says

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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Boeing (NYSE:BA) is “almost there” on returning the 787 Dreamliner to service, the head of the company’s commercial airplane division said on Thursday, according to Bloomberg.

The company has reviewed the carbon composite frames for tiny structural imperfections with regulators and key suppliers, and “there has been steady progress,” Stan Deal said at a U.K. Aviation Club event in London, but “there’s a lot of paperwork you have to turn in.”

Boeing (BA) is using the lessons learned from returning its 737 MAX to service following a lengthy grounding, Deal said, adding that the company will proceed in “modest steps” in resuming Dreamliner production and deliveries.

As of mid-May, nearly 120 undelivered Dreamliners were in storage or undergoing inspections and repairs for gaps smaller than the width of a human hair in some instances, Bank of America analyst Epstein said in a note this week.

Inspectors from the Federal Aviation Administration will be required to sign off on every 787 before they are flown away by customers, limiting the pace at which Boeing (BA) can re-establish deliveries, Epstein also said.

Separately, Bloomberg also reported Boeing (BA) has delivered a missile interceptor for the U.S. ground-based system, the Government Accountability Office said Thursday in its annual report on U.S. ground and sea-based missile defense programs.

The delivery in December, which was not previously announced, was three years late following “production challenges” because “the boost vehicle contractor mishandled a key avionics component and had to build a new one,” the GAO report said.

Boeing (BA) shares held up well in Thursday’s broad market rout, closing -0.3%, and have bounced 17% higher during the past three trading sessions after plunging to its lowest closing price since March 2020.

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