Brexit: ‘Exclude the EU!’ Furious Britons erupt after Germany and France plot exposed

John Penrose issues warning at EU red tape holding back Brexit

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It has emerged that Germany and France could use post-Brexit rules to force British Airways (BA) to split and be spun-off as a standalone airline, the Chief Executive of Ryanair has claimed. In reaction to the news, one furious Briton claimed that the UK should “exclude the EU”. The reader continued: “The UK still has an agreement to tender all government procurement across the EU. “Our passports are printed in France, we are having ships built in Spain etc. Exclude the EU from pitching for our tax payers cash.” Before Brexit, airlines operating within the EU had to prove they were “owned and controlled” by member states. With a quarter of BA parent International Airlines Group owned by Qatar, the UK airline could be in trouble.

Brexit LIVE: ‘Exclude the EU!’ Furious Britons erupt after Germany and France plot exposed

Brexit LIVE: ‘Exclude the EU!’ Furious Britons erupt after Germany and France plot exposed (Image: Getty)

Emma Crabtree

Gibraltar Brexit Farce: ambulances denied entry to Spain under EU rules

New post-Brexit conditions state that Gibraltar ambulances will be denied entry to Spain unless crewed by Spanish or EU resident personnel.

Government officials of Gibraltar are “extremely concerned” over the rules applied to ambulances transferring patients to Spanish hospitals that are now classified the same as commercial vehicles.

Since Brexit, the drivers a required to register their employment status in the European Union.

The Gibraltar Government added: “In addition to this, they will need a Spanish contract of employment, and this will also apply to everyone within the ambulance with the exception of the patient.

“Given that the issue at stake is the health of citizens, and the potential for life or death situations to emerge, the Government is extremely concerned at these developments and have already raised the matter at a higher level both with the United Kingdom and with Spain.”

Emma Crabtree

Academic claims Brexit made people in Wales feel more Welsh

Professor Richard Wyn Jones, director of Cardiff University’s Wales Governance, stated that polls showed that the amount of those who defined themselves as Welsh in Wales rose from 24 percent to 30 percent after Brexit.

Those who defined themselves as British and Welsh had declined from 27 percent to 19 percent and Professor Jones said: “My theory is that it is Brexit that explains this fall. 

He noted that “on closer scrutiny of the latest data, it seems that the supporters of Remain – the Remoaners, as the tabloid press call them – are those who abandon their dual identities and embrace a sense of national identity that better links with their political aspirations.

“One of the consequences of Brexit, therefore, is to make the Welsh Welsher.”

Emma Crabtree

EU slammed as fury erupts over Brexit lies

The EU has been lambasted after fury erupted over Brexit lies on the “losing side” of the argument. 

Once Putin announced his invasion of Ukraine, accusations quickly flooded in that the root cause of the attack was Brexit. readers noted that any division within the EU is “their own doing” and cannot be blamed on Britain.  

92 percent of 3,649 readers who were polled disagreed that Brexit was to blame, with only seven percent arguing that it was. 

Emma Crabtree

‘Weak’ Boris urged to take action after UK ‘capitulates to Irish land grab’

Boris Johnson has been accused of displaying “weakness” in Government talks on Northern Ireland protocol.

The talks on changes to the protocol are time-consuming and progress is slow, and editor of Unionist Voice Jamie Bryson accused the Government of “weakness” in their handling of post-Brexit talks. 

He added: “I think the Government has displayed weakness from the very start of all of this.”

Mr Bryson said that UK has not stood up to the EU and the Irish government and has “capitulated to Irish land grab.” 

He said: “The UK government is defending the sovereignty of Ukraine, meanwhile, it is allowing Northern Ireland to be colonised by the European Union and essentially allowing an Irish government land grab of our country.”

Rachel Hagan

‘Brexit Britain by FAR Putin’s most powerful adversary’ Thatcher’s former aide lets rip

Brexit Britain is one of Russia’s most powerful opponents in the Ukraine crisis, according to Margaret Thatcher’s former aide.

Nile Gardiner, a foreign policy analyst and former aide to , has praised Britain and the country’s leadership for its actions in the Ukraine crisis.

Mr Gardiner tweeted: “British leadership has been outstanding on the Ukraine crisis.  is by far Russia’s most powerful adversary in Europe, and Boris Johnson Europe’s strongest leader.”

t comes after  announced a six-part plan of action to ensure Putin fails in his invasion of Ukraine.

Mr Johnson said the international community must come together and “mobilise an international humanitarian coalition for Ukraine”.

He also said countries should support Ukraine in its self-defence, while also maximising economic pressure on Putin’s regime.

Preventing the “creeping normalisation” of the invasion is another way Boris urges the world to tackle Putin.

In his fifth point of the plan, he encourages countries to “pursue diplomatic paths to de-escalation” but only if the Ukraine government participates.

Mr Johnson’s sixth point encourages the international community to “begin a rapid campaign to strengthen security and resilience across the Euro-Atlantic area”.

The PM tweeted: “The world is watching. It is not future historians but the people of Ukraine who will be our judge.”

Rachel Hagan

Gibraltar Brexit farce: Life-saving ambulances denied entry to Spain under EU rules

Gibraltar ambulances will be denied entry to Spain unless crewed by Spanish or EU resident personnel, new post-Brexit conditions rule.

Rachel Hagan

Germany and France will use post-Brexit rules to force British Airways split

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s Chief Executive, has said that Germany and France will use post-Brexit rules to force British Airways to become an independent airline.

Before Brexit, airlines operating within the EU had to prove they were “owned and controlled” by member states.

The rules were then scrapped once Britain left the European bloc and it was agreed that both sides would begin talks on a new post-Brexit regime.

British Airways which is partnered with Qatar airways, could be in violation of the rules when they are implemented back.

Speaking to Inside Wales Sport, Mr O’Leary said: “I think it is inevitable that BA will be forced out.”

Rachel Hagan

Ukraine aid delayed at UK borders due to post-Brexit red tape

Charity workers told Euro Weekly that post-Brexit red tape has made it difficult to get donations to Ukraine.

London’s Lewisham Polish Centre had to suspend the gathering of donations after vans were stopped.

Agnieszka Lokaj told Euro Weekly: “The guys had cover letters from us that this is humanitarian aid with all the information that this is going to be distributed for the refugees, it’s not for reselling; we listed all the items.”

The Daily Mail also reported that T1 documents were requested which are too expensive for the organisation to afford. 

The Polish British Social Integration Club Wawel in London was also forced to close its donation point due to the issues.

Kasia Zimna from the charity said: “When Lewisham gave us information that (their vans) were stuck, we didn’t send anything else.

“Sometimes they allow you to go but this is not certain so it depends on the person on the border.”

Rachel Hagan

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Francesca Edwards

Brexit betrayal: Boris Johnson ‘not doing what he said he would’

Boris Johnson has failed to make it easy for “the best and the brightest” to work in the UK as was promised by the Brexit campaign, claimed Reform UK deputy leader Dr David Bull.

Dr Bull, who is Deputy Leader of  Reform UK, previously known as the Brexit party, claimed that the Government is not fulfilling its promise of attracting “the best and the brightest.” 

He told that the Government “haven’t taken advantage” of that and isn’t supporting British business on “a global scale”. 

He added: “And yet they still have to get work visas to come here. This to me seems a bit nutty.”

Francesca Edwards

‘Desperate’ UK farmers vow to snub Boris at next election over Brexit stich-up

UK farmers have vowed to snub Boris Johnson at the next general election in fury at a Brexit deal stitch-up.

The Conservative Party has long been known to be able to rely on a fairly sizeable level of support from farmers across the country. 

But many appear now to have taken the view Government mishaps around its handling of Brexit mean their support will be withdrawn when they are next called from the field to the ballot box.

Andrew Ward, a Lincolnshire arable farmer with responsibility for 1,600 acres, voted for Mr Johnson and the Conservative Party in the 2019 election.

But the told the Financial Times he has since changed his mind saying his major concern was the change in subsidies given to farmers since Brexit.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson (Image: PA)

Francesca Edwards

Britain will help EU and West away from Russian gas

Boris Johnson vowed Britain will play a leading role in weaning the West off Russian gas. 

The Prime Minister said sanctions are working but the only way to have “real lasting pressure” on Vladimir Putin is by turning to other nations for energy supplies.

Mr Johnson set out his aim in a question and answer with Daily Express readers he had invited to quiz him on any topic they wanted.

He said Western sanctions were having a bigger impact than hoped for and the UK is continuing to supply weapons to Ukraine.

Boris Johnson vowed to play leading role in weaning West off Russian gas

Boris Johnson vowed to play leading role in weaning West off Russian gas (Image: PA)

Francesca Edwards

UK strikes ‘exciting’ Israel deal after £80bn EU fob-off

Britain and Israel have struck an “exciting” agreement for collaboration in research and development (R&D) after the EU blocked the UK from its £80billion project.

Science Minister George Freeman headed to Tel Aviv for a two-day visit last week to meet with key players in the Israeli scientific community and explore broadening collaboration between the two powerhouses.

The country is already Britain’s top collaborator in the Middle East and is considered a world leader in a number of scientific domains like stem cell research and computer sciences.

Mr Freeman tweeted: “Thank you to all the brilliant scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers in Israel for a brilliant visit and agreement on a new UK-Israel R&D collaboration.”

Francesca Edwards

Remainers shamed as Brexiteer pinpoints EIGHT of Boris’s finest achievements

A Brexiteer has shut down Remainers by pinpointing right of Boris Johnson’s achievements since he became Prime Minister. 

Twitter user “QPR (Boldly Backing Boris)” listed the achievements, stretching from getting Britain out of the European Union, the “jobs boost” and “70-year record economic growth”, with a tick next to each. 

They wrote: “Boris 957th day as UKs people’s Prime Minister. Brexit & Global Britain; World-beating vaccine programme; Jobs bonanza; Freeports; Pro-Union; 70yr record economic growth; Leading the world on response to Russian aggression; Ended career of comrade Corbyn. Thanks Boris.”

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u2014 QPR (Boldly Backing Boris) (@QprEver) March 6, 2022

Francesca Edwards

Britons to save thousands after post-Brexit rule scrapped

Brits selling or renting holiday homes in France could save thousands in surcharged after the French government scrapped a post-Brexit rule. 

Tax authorities across the Channel have announced UK residents and British expats in France will no longer have to pay French social charges (prélèvements sociaux) at the full rate of 17.2 percent.

This is provided they are already affiliated to the UK’s social security system and not dependent on France’s.

From now on, these people will be charged only a 7.5 percent solidarity charge. This was how it worked before Brexit.

The lower social charges come after European and French court rulings which said the CSG and CRDS charges – that help fund France’s social security system – should not be paid by people linked to the system of another European country.

Francesca Edwards

Leader rejects claims labelling will be costly for Northern Ireland businesses

Alliance leader Naomi Long has rejected claims that labelling goods as ‘Northern Ireland Only’ would be too costly for businesses. 

Mrs Long said: “I find it slightly hard to comprehend because if Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Asda can stick a label on a dinner to say ‘Three for Two’ and it doesn’t cause them any difficulty I don’t think it would cause any difficulty either.”

She also spoke of “bespoke” and “pragmatic solutions” that could be reached between the UK and the European Union to ease the flow of goods from Northern Ireland to the UK. 

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