Brits flee Benidorm beach after massive killer SHARK spotted just yards from shore

The shark measured around 8ft and is believed to have been a blue shark. The predator appeared in the shallows at the Spanish holiday resort on Thursday. The police sent out a helicopter and two boats to monitor the area, with the shark reportedly remaining close to the Poniete Beach for hours. The animal kept coming back to the shore, which could indicate some kind of illness, according to the Oceanografic of Valencia.

Because of that the beach was temporarily closed by the City Council with experts from the Oceanogràfic of Valencia attending to ensure the safety of the animal.

Several British tourists watched the shark as it swam in the distance.

Christine Kettley, 36, witnessed the incident while sunbathing with her family on the beach.

The mum-of-three told The Sun: “This shark is massive, it was about 8ft long and jerking around in the water.

“You wouldn’t want to go anywhere near it or make it angry as it was large enough to cause someone serious injury.

“It was just swimming around where everyone had been paddling.

“Police and lifeguards rushed to the beach and immediately started getting people out of the water.”

Several police officers reportedly formed a guard to prevent people from entering the water.

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Christine, of Great Dunmow, Essex, said: “It’s been going up and down the coast all day and has come in really close to the beach.”

Blue shark sightings are a common occurrence in Mediterranean waters.

They can also be occasionally seen from British shores in the summer.

The predators can reach up to 12 ft in length, with attacks on humans having been reported in the past.


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Most recently, three blue sharks and a 6ft mako shark were spotted in the water on the Costa Dorada last July.

In 2016, a swimmer was taken to hospital after he was bitten by a suspected blue shark in Costa Blanca.

Blue sharks are found inshore when they follow food, get lost, or are unwell.

Paul Cox of the Shark Trust said: “They are generally quite placid sharks and are commonly found in British waters in summer months.”

The news comes just eight days after a beach in Dorset was evacuated after an unknown species of shark was spotted.

Swimmers were told to return to dry land immediately with red flags being put up by RNLI lifeguards, indicating a serious hazard in the water for swimmers.

The beach fully reopened on the same day, after lifeguards conducted checks.

One local resident tweeted a video of the scene, with the caption: “Shark sighting at Boscombe Beach.”

She later added: “Lifeguards are still out there looking for ‘marine wildlife’.

“Unconfirmed at the moment but suspected. Bathers have just been allowed back in.

“All swimming again. Lifeguards still out on jetski.

“A fin was spotted. RNLI did/going amazing job.”

An RNLI spokesperson told “On Wednesday 4 August, RNLI lifeguards received reports of a large marine animal in the sea near Boscombe Beach, Dorset.

“As a precautionary measure, lifeguards asked beach visitors to evacuate the water and put up red flags.

“Lifeguards used their Rescue Watercraft (RWC) to scan the area and visitors were able to go back into the water half an hour later.

“The RNLI recommends you always visit a lifeguarded beach and report any concerning wildlife to the lifeguards as soon as it’s spotted.”

Of the over 400 shark species found worldwide, at least 21 can be found in British waters all year round.

However, there have been no recorded unprovoked shark attacks on humans, in UK waters, since records began in 1847.

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