Buzz: Founder's 'high spirits' big talk at recent party

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Kya Baat Como

Lake Como is turning out to be the favourite wedding destination for our famous and fabulous. Just when we were recovering from the Bhangra-meets-Bulgari bash of arguably the most flamboyant homegrown private equity boss, a little bird told us about the upcoming August wedding of the Gen Next of this Delhi/Manhattan-based power couple, who are as much at home among Upper West Side’s hedge fund billionaires as they are in Lutyens Delhi, corporate boardrooms and Parliament. So, we will be packing our bags for another party though we can’t help but wonder if they serve Champaran mutton at Como!

Salad Days

It’s quite evident that the start-up funding winter is already sending shivers down many a founder’s spine. Even the original poster boys of the ecosystem have not been spared. One such, now into fintech, has been calling investors as he’s on a capital raising mode. Alas, not too many are willing to listen to him. Recently, in one such call, a potential investor was not informed that the gent himself would make a cameo appearance and an aggressive pitch. The irritated and ambushed investor, we learn, blasted his team for not briefing him well and even terminated the call after a rather brusque conversation where he bluntly said he has serious doubts about the proposal’s growth projections.

Good Luck & God Speed

We were shocked to hear about the ill health of one of our best legal minds – more so when we were told his illness got detected during Covid. Having consolidated his family firm after a bitter split, we have always been in awe of his team’s consistent track record, winning accolades and awards with consummate ease. Sadly, health has taken a toll of late and we hear in a recent closed door meeting with some of the senior partners, he hinted at passing on the baton to his next generation, who we are sure will keep the flag flying high.

The Perfect Man

After a bitter and acrimonious fight with his dad, it seems this flamboyant businessman with a weakness for Ferraris, Mclarens, merlots and Mayfair hotel is willing to smoke the peace pipe. Why else would he spend “quality time” with his parents just recently after a long European break and put that up on social media for all to see? We hate family squabbles, especially when parents are involved, don’t we? Time for a settlement then?

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Aise Karte Hain Party

A recent farmhouse party has created quite a bit of chatter in the tech circle for its infamy, we hear. As the night progressed and booze flowed, several tongues loosened up – perhaps a tad too much. One loquacious founder, clearly in high spirits, was asked to what extent he is losing sleep over shareholder concerns and falling share prices. His colourful response loaded with adjectives not only triggered disquiet, but the host was also apparently forced to request guests to strictly follow the Chatham House rule.

Door Wide Open

A unicorn known for its revolving door and a super volatile founder witnessed a bizarre incident a few weeks ago. An all-important CXO, who was desperate to leave, allegedly gave a virtual job interview from his present office and a colleague who walked by witnessed him in the act – and duly informed the CEO. Nobody wants any negative publicity these days and the concerned founder, for sure, does not want another high-profile exit to make the headlines. So, he used his tried-and-tested management mantra: Public chiding. Some people treat the office as an interview place, he remarked publicly. The said CXO is still around, biding his time we hear.

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