‘Cancel the Olympics!’ Britons say Japan doesn’t care for lives of their people

COVID cases in Japan have risen by 712 percent compared to this time last month, and the spike is most likely due to welcoming 10,305 international athletes to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Express.co.uk asked readers whether they think the Olympic Games should be cancelled, the majority said yes.

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Japan recorded 3,865 new Covid cases on July 29 reaching a record high for the country, topping the former peak of 2,447 on January 7. In the last four days alone, daily Covid cases have grown by 170 percent from just 1,429 recorded on July 26. Since the pandemic began, there have been numerous petitions and protests by the Japanese people against hosting the Olympics, but Olympic Minister Tamayo Marukawa said that the games would be held “at any cost”.


A total of 772 people (56.4 percent) said Tokyo 2020 should have been called as Covid rates skyrocket in a poll of 1369 people held between 11.53am July 27 and 9.42am July 30.

A smaller portion of voters, 38.5 percent thought the Olympics should go on, and 5.1 percent were not sure whether they should or not.

One voter commented: “I don’t know about cancelling the Olympics after all the hard work those competitors have put in.”

Cancel the Olympics

Calls to cancel the Olympics worldwide (Image: Getty)

Another added: “Stupidity, fear, and greed rule leaders’ lives, otherwise they wouldn’t have had it on to begin with and the Olympics certainly doesn’t benefit the Japanese people.”

When asked whether the Japanese government has prioritised the games over people’s lives, 59.4 percent said they have, 34.5 percent said they have not, and 6.1 percent did not know.

One reader said: “The people of Tokyo did not want these games to go ahead.

“The ordinary people were ignored.

“It is another money-making product for Governments and Sponsors.

“People’s lives or opinions do not matter.”

Another reader agreed: “When the People of Japan speak they are ignored.

“Money Talks and the Olympic Committee act to keep the Games.”

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Protestors furious

Protestors furious at International Olympic Comittee (Image: Getty)

The majority of readers, 77 percent, thought the Japanese government made the right decision in banning spectators, while 19 percent thought spectators should have been allowed to attend, and four percent of voters did not know what the right choice was.

Many readers referred to Euro 2020 in the debate.

One said: “Why cancel the Olympics when Euro 2020 went on in the UK despite 1000s of cases? The show must go on.”

Another added: “When the non-spectator Olympics started the infection rate in Japan was 19 per 10,000.

“When we hosted 60,000 at Wembley for the Euros our infection rate was 400 per 10,000.”

Covid deaths keep on rising in Tokyo

Covid deaths keep on rising in Tokyo (Image: Getty)

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