Centre announces Odisha startup plan before polls

The Centre has launched the ‘100 Cube’ initiative to help establish a hundred startups of ₹100 crore valuation each in the state by 2036- just when Odisha completes its statehood centenary.

The Minister for Education, and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan who launched the ‘100 Cube’ initiative from IIT Bhubaneshwar earlier this week, pointed to the Modi government’s commitment to the ‘Purvodaya’ vision which is centered on boosting development in the eastern states.

The minister also pointed to the major strides made by the Centre to boost up the start-up ecosystem but added that in comparison, Odisha’s journey has been ‘tepid’ and ‘lagging’.

“In DPIIT’s latest ‘States Startup Ranking Framework’, Odisha found itself trailing behind leading states like Gujarat, which have successfully harnessed the wave of digital transformation and entrepreneurial spirit, riding on the proactive policies of the Centre while in contrast, Odisha, despite possessing a rich tapestry of resources, talent, and cultural heritage, has lagged in tapping into its full potential”, the Minister pointed out.

Though the state comes with a historical legacy of scholarship and innovation, it is now faced with challenges such as ‘brain drain’- with many of its talented individuals moving elsewhere for better opportunities, he rued.

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William Murphy

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