Chief Minister Yogi talks of Kashi, Mathura agenda

Lord Shiva’s bull Nandi ‘got the barricading broken overnight’ at Gyanvapi mosque and Lord Krishna is ‘also not one to back down’, in Mathura, chief minister Yogi Adityanath said in the Uttar Pradesh assembly on Wednesday, indicating the legal and political agenda of RSS-BJP after the consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Reiterating RSS-VHP-BJP demand, since 1980s, for handing over of Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura mosques, Adityanath said they had only demanded three sites and there was no agenda for any other place. The “three sites were special”. Stubbornness, along with vote bank politics, created disputes, he alleged.

Following ASI report’s claim, ‘there was a Hindu temple where the Gyanvapi mosque stood’, VHP and BJP leaders have raised the pitch for handing over the Gyanvapi mosque complex. “When people saw festivities in Ayodhya, Nandi baba said, ‘why should I wait’; without delay, he got the barricading broken down and our Krishna Kanhaiya is also not one to budge,” Yogi claimed, amid loud cheers from BJP MLAs.

In a not so veiled threat, Yogi said Duryodhana’s refusal to adhere to Krishna’s advice of giving five villages for the Pandavas led to Kurekshetra war that wiped out the Kaurava clan. “Krishna had told the Kauravas, ‘just give us five villages and keep the rest of the empire to yourself. We will eat there happily and will never blame the family’, but Duryodhana did not part with even that… In Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura, the community has been asking only for three sites because they are special. They are the land of God’s incarnation. But there is stubbornness and when vote bank politics intervenes with stubbornness, it gives rise to dispute,” he alleged.

It was unfortunate invaders who ‘tried to trample on the faith of the country were glorified after Independence’, he alleged. Today, “the country is not willing to accept the glorification of such invaders”. On January 22, there was also satisfaction as “we kept our promise and built a temple on the exact spot”. Over the last 16 days, more than 36 lakh devotees had worshipped at Ayodhya, he said.

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Harry Byrne

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