Colonel slams Biden for not giving Afghan government 'enough time' to prepare for future

A FORMER Colonel has lambasted US President Joe Biden for not giving the Afghanistan government “enough time” to prepare for life after the US withdrawal as the country falls into Taliban control.

Biden: Colonel criticises ‘short time frame’ for withdrawal of troops

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Speaking to GB News on Sunday Colonel Richard Kemp, a former British army commander in Afghanistan and former chairman of COBRA, launched a stinging rebuke of President Biden’s withdrawal strategy. He criticised the President for the “very short time frame” for the withdrawal of western forces which he blamed for the total collapse of the country in recent days. He went on to attack Mr Biden for what he claimed was the “guaranteed” rise of the Taliban and said the US simply did not give the Afghan government “a chance” to prepare for life after the US left.

Colonel Kemp said: “From the moment President Biden announced his unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan…

“The situation we watched unfolding in the last few days was guaranteed.”

He stressed how Mr Biden ”gave a very short time frame for the withdrawal” before going on to hit out at the key areas Biden failed in.

Colonel Kemp said: “He didn’t give the Afghan government the chance to consolidate themselves and to prepare for the next stage after the Americans left.

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Colonel Richard Kemp

Colonel Richard Kemp took aim at Mr Biden’s strategy (Image: GB News)

President Joe Biden

Colonel Richard Kemp accused Biden for rushing the withdrawal process (Image: Getty Images)

“And those two things have led to the situation we are in now.”

He added: “In terms of longevity, we have been there 20-years… 20-years is a very long time in our minds – it’s not very long time in geopolitical terms.”

The former Colonel went on to draw on other examples of conflicts where western forces have remained a presence for many years in locations such as Cyprus and South Korea and have been relatively successful at keeping the peace on a long term basis.

He explained: “If it is necessary to remain there for twenty years and to make the sacrifices that we’re made by our forces and others.

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The Taliban

The Taliban have effectively taken control of Afghanistan 20-years on from their defeat (Image: Getty Images)

“It was necessary to stay there until the job was done.”

But in a sobering warning the former Colonel said the west will feel the repercussions of the Taliban’s return to power for years to come.

He warned: “The threat we went there to deal with has not gone away – it is going to intensify.

“I can’t define a length of time but I do think we need to stay there for a great deal longer than we have been there now.”


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President Ashraf Ghani

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has reportedly fled to neighbouring Tajikistan (Image: Getty Images)

Colonel Kemp’s comments come as the Taliban have effectively regained control of Afghanistan after 20-years of western involvement in the country.

Over a period of a matter of months the hardline group made lightning gains taking a string of regional cities and provinces as the Afghan army failed to hold back their offensive.

While late on Sunday it was confirmed the Taliban have entered the Presidential Palace in Kabul and have toppled the government.

Other reports suggest the international airport where thousands are attempting to flee the country has come under fire from the Taliban as all flights out of the airport, apart from military flights, have been cancelled.

Harry Byrne

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