Cong got cash from Nath: Sources on '19 IT raids

Income-tax department searches in April 2019 revealed that Congress party received crores of rupees in cash from Megha Engineering and party leader Kamal Nath among other, government insiders alleged.

The total receipts in cash by the main opposition party between 2013-14 and April 2019 was to the extent of Rs 626 crore, they claimed.

Cash receipts from Megha Engineering were for contracts awarded to the company, the sources alleged.

The cash from Kamal Nath was from an alleged corruption scam run by him, which involved collection of bribes from a number of people including senior bureaucrats, ministers and businessmen, they alleged.

The I-T department has established and corroborated these cash receipts in multiple ways such as documents found during search, WhatsApp messages and statements recorded, the government sources claimed.

BJP on Saturday criticised Congress for disregarding I-T rules and misleading the public when actions were taken accordingly.

“After the high court rejected the Congress petition, they resorted to demonstrations to spread falsehoods,” party spokesperson Zafar Islam said. He emphasised that ever since Congress received the notice from the income-tax department for the payment of tax, they have been in a state of panic.

After all the reassessments before March 31, 2024, the liability of the Congress party will likely increase from Rs 1,823 crore to approximately Rs 4,000 crore, Islam said.

He said the I-T department provides all the necessary documents outlining the discrepancies leading to the imposition of additional taxes.

“Congress ignored the matter initially and didn’t take cognizance and when rebuked by the high court, Congress started protesting,” Islam said. “I want to know whom Congress is protesting against, whether it’s the income-tax department or the high court,” he added.

William Murphy

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