Discontent over LS tickets grows in Trinamool

The list of disgruntled Trinamool leaders, who did not get the Lok Sabha tickets, is growing long while they continue to express their unhappiness over the issue.

After Barrackpore MP Arjun Singh left the party and rejoined the BJP, Congress icon Gani Khan family descendant and Rajya Sabha MP Mousam Noor today expressed her disappointment as her name was not announced by the Trinamool from Malda North. She said she expected to fight from the seat. Noor, new to the addition of the list, said, “I had expectations of fighting from Malda North. Earlier, I fought from the same seat in 2019 and got defeated. There was division of vote as two members of our family have fought. However, it is the decision of my party supremo and top leadership to decide who will fight in which seat. I am here and will fight as the soldier of my party.” Trinamool Congress has announced the name of former top cop Prasun Banerjee for the Malda Uttar seat.

Earlier, Bardhaman leader Sunil Mondal, former Rajya Sabha MP Santanu Sen and Barrackpore MP Arjun Singh also spoke about their unhappiness for not getting a ticket. Mondal had said that he was a victim of internal party politics and that is why he did not get the ticket. “However, I will continue to work for the party,” Mondal said.

Former Rajya Sabha MP Santanu Sen from Trinamool has also said that he did not get the nomination for Rajya Sabha but still he will work for the party for Lok Sabha polls. He also noted that he expected a ticket from Dumdum constituency, which is being fought by MP Saugata Ray. Humayun Kabir, who is also a disgruntled leader from Murshidabad, said he was unhappy when he did not get the ticket from Baharampur. Kabir was unhappy that an outsider Yusuf Pathan was fielded from there instead. “Abhishek Banerjee called me and discussed the issue with me. I have the responsibility to make Trinamool win the constituency,” Kabir said. Today during Pathan’s campaign, Kabir accompanied him.

Harry Byrne

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