Ditch your Dyson for a vacuum cleaner from Shark – and you could be paid £1,000

RIVAL CLEANING firm Shark has launched a very generous promotion ahead of Christmas that sees one customer walk away with £1,000 every day …and one grand prize winner bag an incredible £20,000. That’s more than enough to refund your shiny new vacuum or hair dryer, buy some accessories… and a lot more.

ditch dyson vacuum cleaner shark ninja promotion pound1000 cashback

Shark is dishing out £1,000 every day from today until Christmas Eve (Image: SHARK)

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Tempted to upgrade to a new vacuum cleaner? While the brand on everyone’s lips is usually Dyson… there’s a very good reason to pick one of its biggest rivals, Shark, at the minute. That’s because the firm is offering customers the chance to win a £20,000 prize fund at the end of December when they purchase a new cordless vacuum cleaner, steamer, or hair dryer. You’ll be automatically entered into the prize draw when you spend over £30. Don’t like those odds? There’s also a daily prize of £1,000 that’s available too – with winners draw from the list of customers who made a purchase the previous day!

For those looking for a Shark vacuum, the award-winning Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick is a good bet. This cleaner packs a 40-minute battery life, which should be more than enough to clean around the home or car. Unlike rival cordless vacuums from Dyson, the battery pack used by the Shark can be charged either on or off the vacuum – so those with larger homes (or who want to clean a little more deeply) can switch between two batteries to instantly recharge. Battery light indicators clearly show how much charge you’ve got left.

Better yet, this model supports Shark’s clever “Flexology” design, which is designed to contort so that the vacuum can reach beneath low-lying furniture such as beds, sofas and coffee tables. A pair of LED headlights at the front of the motorised tool will help to illuminate hidden dust under furniture and in dark corners.

The trademarked seal system inside the dust bin captures and traps 99.9 percent of all dust and allergens, so you don’t need to worry about anything nasty being released back into the air you breathe while you’re trying to clean your home.

ditch dyson vacuum cleaner shark ninja promotion pound1000 cashback

Shark calls its ultra-flexible cordless vacuums ‘Flexology’ (Image: SHARK)

Unlike Dyson, Shark vacuum cleaners arrive with a five-year guarantee too (although, the battery only boasts a two-year warranty) so you don’t need to worry about being out of pocket if something goes wrong with your shiny new cleaner.

If you’re more interested in hair care, the Shark STYLE iQ Hair Dryer is a must-buy. Ahead of its launch earlier this year, Shark revealed that its engineering team went through a staggering 500 individual prototypes, which were tested by some 200 salon customers, before the company finally settled on the finished design. Like Dyson’s immensely-popular Supersonic, the Shark STYLE iQ Hair Dryer isn’t exactly cheap. This is clearly designed to be a premium product for those who want a high-end dryer. The STYLE iQ will set you back £229.99 when it launches, while the Intelligent Styler accessories will cost £29.99 each.

According to the company, the stylish new dryer is designed to combine rapid air power with “next-generation intelligence” to generate high-velocity heated ionised air. This should ensure fast drying for all hair types – without any risk of heat damage, Shark has revealed.

ditch dyson vacuum cleaner shark ninja promotion pound1000 cashback

As well as the daily prizes, a single draw for a £20,000 prize fund will be held later this month (Image: SHARK)

At launch, there will be three Intelligent Stylers – including a Diffuser, 2-in-1 Concentrator and a Style Brush attachment. Attaching these add-ons to the hair dryer will automatically adjust the heat and airflow settings to provide the best results. That’s a really clever touch that you won’t find on the rival Dyson product. Of course, if Shark STYLE iQ owners want to experiment for themselves, the three temperature settings and three airflow settings can also be manually set too.

To be eligible for the £20,000 prize draw (or the daily £1,000 cashback giveaway) you’ll need to buy either of these products – or anything else on the Shark or kitchen-focused sister brand Ninja’s online store that costs £30 or more from December 23 onwards. Each qualifying purchase during the Prize Draws Period constitutes one entry into the grand prize draw. The winnings will be transferred by bank transfer, Shark says.

William Murphy

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