EE, Three and Vodafone will soon be rivalled by a network with one big advantage

EE, THREE, Vodafone and O2 already offer customers speedy 5G data access but they will soon have another rival to contend with and it could have one big advantage.

Smarty SIM

SMARTY is about to launch its new 5G network (Image: GETTY)

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All of the big mobile networks are now offering users full access to the very latest 5G data downloads with this new technology able to whizz files and films to phones at speeds in excess of 300Mbps. That’s blisteringly quick and actuality puts most UK fixed-line broadband to shame with the average home experiencing speeds of just 75Mbps.

EE, Vodafone, Three and O2 have invested heavily in this new 5G network and most now offer access to these faster speeds as standard. However, they are now about to be challenged by a rival who could offer smartphone users one very big advantage.

SMARTY, which is actually powered by the Three Mobile network, has a habit of shaking up the market with the service one of the only in the UK to offer rolling monthly contracts at low prices.

These deals mean customers don’t have to sign up for a long period of time with SMARTY allowing users to leave whenever they like without facing a financial penalty.

Until now, SMARTY only offered slower 3G and 4G speeds but that’s all about to change.

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As spotted by the eagle-eyed team at ISPreview, SMARTY has begun emailing customers about the upcoming launch of 5G.

“Did you know, SMARTY is about to get a big upgrade? We’re on track to be 5G ready in early 2022,” the message reads.

“With our superfast 5G you’ll be able to stream blockbuster films on the go or enjoy super-smooth video calling with all your favourite people. And all at no extra cost. We’ll be in touch with more 5G updates in the New Year.”

If SMARTY continues to offer its no-contract monthly plans on 5G it will give it a major advantage over the likes of EE, Three, Vodafone and O2 whose deals usually require users to sign up for at least 12 months.

There’s no word on an exact launch date but it seems customers will be treated to this new technology in the coming months.


5G began rolling out back in 2019 with this technology delivering much faster speeds than the older 4G signal. Users with a 5G phone and SIM tucked inside can expect to see downloads in excess of 300Mbps which would allow a full HD movie to be whizzed to the device in a couple of minutes.

Along with being faster, 5G can also cope with more phones accessing the network at the same time.

That means customers shouldn’t see things slowing down at busy train stations or people-packed football stadiums.

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