Entrepreneur on how she 'turned over revenue of double her monthly income in just one day'

Celebrities With Successful Side Businesses

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26-year-old Isobel Perl started Perl’s Cosmetics and sold the UK’s first pink clay mask in May 2020 but it wasn’t until she utilised the marketing power of social media that her business boomed. “I turned over a revenue of double my monthly salary at my old job in just one day,” noted Ms Perl about the recent launch of her limited edition purple clay mask.

Our clay mask is a customisable DIY mask, bringing the fun back into your skincare routine by allowing you to be the mixologist.”

It was a relatively simple concept, and with only two products, the British Pink Clay Mask and Radiance Facial Oil, it seemed to be an easy side hustle to bring in some extra pounds during lockdown.

Ms Perl was inspired when she noticed the popularity of Australian Pink Clay Masks but there were bigger driving forces as well.

In addition to this, I came across skincare company after skincare company that were male owned.

Isobel Perl

Ms Perl first got the idea for Perls Cosmetics in November 2019 (Image: Isobel Perl)

“It frustrated me in an industry that is focused on selling to women, many of these companies were male owned.”

Ms Perl worked at KPMG and the Ministry of Defence before deciding to take her side hustle full-time in April 2021.

The second-best decision I ever made, the first being to take the risk and start Perl Cosmetics,” she commented.

Ms Perl noted that although her day job and side business were in vastly different industries, there were transferable skills that she could utilise, alongside her tenacious attitude and ceaseless motivation.


“I’m very much so in the mindset of ‘get going and deal with it when it comes’.

“Rather than making sure things were ‘perfect’ or until I thought I ‘knew everything’, I just jumped straight in and figured it out as I went. 

“Some obstacles I’ve faced recently have been delayed supplies, wrong supplies being sent, wasting money on trying to run ads, managing Brexit implications, the list goes on!” 

She also advised other side hustlers wanting to make the switch from side business to main income: “It will never feel like the right time, so sometimes you’ve just got to take the risk and give it a shot.

Isobel Perl

Ms Perl created the UK’s first pink clay mask after seeing the Australian version online (Image: Isobel Perl)

“Make sure you can support yourself once you go full-time with your side hustle and give yourself a timeframe and a budget to ‘make it work’.”

Additionally, in the modern world it is impossible to avoid social media especially if you’re trying to promote your business.

As Ms Perl explained: “I’d say, wholeheartedly, don’t start a business if you’re not willing to use social media to promote it.

“I am the biggest advocate of social media, this is the only way I currently advertise my business with all my growth and sales being organic via social media.

“Spend time on the apps to familiarise yourself with them, be confident to put yourself out there and show your face and be willing to put in the hours to create content and post regularly.”

Ms Perl has made over £60,000 this year thanks to her savvy social media tactics and attributes her success to TikTok, where her channel gained over 100,000 followers in less than six months.

Ms Perl concluded with this advice for fellow side hustlers wanting a taste of success:

“There will be so many testing times throughout the journey of entrepreneurship that you run the risk of giving it all up if you’re not truly passionate about it.”

Harry Byrne

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