Esha Deol hints at an emotionally abusive marriage?

Days after Bollywood actress Esha Deol confirmed her separation from her husband, entrepreneur Bharat Takhtani, an excerpt from her 2020 bookAmma Mia’ is going viral online.

Although she did not directly accuse him of being emotionally abusive, she did allude to how they gradually grew distant, especially after the birth of their second daughter. However, some netizens on Reddit have pointed out how incredibly problematic Takhtani’s behaviour towards her was.

In her book ‘Amma Mia: Stories, Advice and Recipes from One Mother to Another,’ the ‘Dhoom’ actress revealed that Takhtani grew irritable and distant, as he thought that she was not fulfilling her marital duties properly.

“After my second baby, for a short while, I noticed that Bharat was cranky and irritated with me. He felt that I wasn’t giving him enough attention. It is very natural for a husband to feel this way because, at that time, I was consumed with Radhya’s playschool fiasco and feeding Miraya, and I was also between writing my book and dealing with my production meetings. So, he felt neglected. And I immediately noticed the error of my ways. I remembered the times when Bharat had asked me for a new toothbrush, and it had slipped my mind, or when his shirts hadn’t been pressed, or when I sent him off to work without bothering to check what he’d been given for lunch,” wrote the ‘Yuva’ star.

However, the actress continued to take all the blame on herself. She explained how the entrepreneur was a “man of few words,” and she felt guilty over being unable to meet his few needs. So once in a while, she had attempted to make time for him and took him out on dates.

“Bharat is different; he tells me directly, to my face, if he senses a problem. But there may be men who are not so forthcoming. It falls on you to keep the romance alive. I figured that I hadn’t gone out for date nights or a movie with him in a while. So I decided to step out of my tracks, loosen my bun, wear a nice dress, and go out with him on the weekends”, she revealed in her book.

On Tuesday, the couple announced their separation through a joint public statement. They revealed that they would be co-parenting their two daughters.

The pair got wed in a low-key ceremony at the ISKCON temple in Mumbai, in 2012.

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