Gin drinkers missing out on cash by throwing away empty gin bottles

SELLING empty gin bottles on eBay can see Britons earning up to 31 percent cashback on their drinking habits.

Aston Merrygold creates the ‘perfect’ lemon gin drink

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On average 75 million bottles of gin are consumed by Britons every year, with many of those going straight to the dustbin once empty. Data analysts Lifestyle Packaging shared their findings on how much cash these gin lovers are missing out on.

As the saying goes: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” here’s which bottles to keep an eye out for and how much they are worth.

Mermaid Pink Gin

This strawberry flavoured gin is distilled in the Isle of Wight and packaged in a textured blush bottle.

Costing consumers around £38 per bottle, gin drinkers could see more than 31 percent (£11.98) of their cashback per bottle.

Gin bottles

77 percent of British adults have gin listed as one of their drinks of choice (Image: GETTY)

Gordon’s London Dry Gin

The world’s bestselling gin is a stable in many bars, pubs and households which retails at a more affordable £15.50.

Retail-wise this is one of the cheapest gins that were studied but saw a relatively high 30 percent (£4.65) cashback opportunity.


Eden Mill Golf Gin

One of the more decorative bottles on this list, it is packaged in a green jack resembling the prestigious golfing tournament the Masters Champions.

This is also one of the few gins that are made from start to finish by hand on one work site and fetches around £30 in the marketplace.

Gin drinkers can find a pleasant 29 percent (£8.82) of their cashback by selling this unique bottle on eBay.

Lifestyle Packaging Gin table

Lifestyle Packaging researched the top selling and top priced gin bottles on eBay (Image: Lifestyle Packaging)

Mermaid Blue Gin

This £38 bottle is the ombre blue cousin of the Mermaid Pink Gin, which includes the signature scale textures.

Gin fans can fetch as much as 29 percent (£11.15) for this decorative bottle.

Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin

The orange decorative bottle is meant to mimic the Mediterranean sea and adds to the refreshing look of this citrus gin.

One of the cheaper gins to look out for, the Blood Orange will cost consumers around £26 per bottle but can also see 27 percent (£7.11) of that cash back in their pocket by selling the empty bottle.

Lifestyle Packaging also noted in their research that by selling a combination of empty bottles altogether can raise the price of the collection and help sellers stave off costs like shipping.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the gin bottles should be thoroughly cleaned before being sold with warm soapy water and use protective packaging for their delivery.

Harry Byrne

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