'Got my £150!' Council rebates begin to flow in, when could you expect a payment?

WHILE thousands still wait for their council tax rebate, some Britons in certain parts of the country have already received it.

Local councils worried about council tax rebate scams

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The £150 rebate was due to be in people’s pockets this month, although rollout appears to vary in different parts of the country. It was reported that the rebates would first be paid to those using direct debit to pay their council tax, whilst some confusion has spread on how and when others will receive it.

Reddit users on the forum r/UKPersonalFinance have shared when they received their rebates. 

User Billybrown301 received the rebate at the beginning of April from Telford and Wrekin Council. 

Another user SilverRapid received their rebate at the beginning of this week.

In the r/Leeds forum, user Hottaptea shared that they had received more than intended. 

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Woman smiling at her phone

Some Britons have been left waiting for the rebate for weeks (Image: GETTY)

They noted: “Got my £150 council tax rebate yesterday. Got another £150 today.”

Apparently this is a recurring problem as Traditional_Leader41 replied to the post saying: “Same here mate but one said Leeds City Council and the other LCC. I’m guessing the second one will be taken back out of my account.”

User Decidedlyindecisive added some clarity to the situation saying: “Yes, they’ve confirmed that the excess will be “recovered” whatever that means. 

“Apparently it happened to 25,000 accounts out of 120,000.”


Cost of living budget squeeze graphic

The rebates were created to help vulnerable Britons as the cost of living increases (Image: EXPRESS)

Leeds City Council apologised for the error, saying: “This is due to a process error where the same payment file was incorrectly processed twice after it was initially rejected by the bank. We are working with our bank to recover the duplicate payments so that the situation can be rectified as soon as possible.

“We would advise residents to check relevant accounts and bear in mind that duplicate payments will be recovered.”

The rebates are due to all households in England, Scotland and Wales under council tax bands A to D. 

It is expected to benefit 80 percent of households in these areas, although there is a clear vast disparity of when the payments are being made. 

The rebate scheme, announced in February, was aimed to help vulnerable households as energy and cost of living bills skyrocket. 

While many expected the £150 on April 1, thousands are still left waiting for it almost three weeks later. 

It has been reported that the deadline for councils to provide the rebate is officially September 30. 

People who use direct debit to pay their council tax should be the first to receive their payments as the council has all of the necessary information already. 

Councils are expected to write to their residents who do not use direct debit informing them of how to access their rebates. 

Although, many councils have also asked that residents do not contact them concerning the rebate.

However, people who are currently struggling with financial difficulties can still contact their councils for support and assistance.

Currently, Britons are being advised to check their local council’s websites for updates or guidance on where they can find answers to their questions. 

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