Horror as Australian man beaten up by Taliban then has rifle fired over his head – VIDEO

GRAPHIC WARNING An Australian man has filmed himself after reportedly being beaten by the Taliban at Kabul airport leaving him covered in blood.

Australian citizen beaten by Taliban at Kabul airport

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The horrific footage shows an unnamed Australian national at Kabul airport moments after the brutal beating by the Taliban as he screams at men carrying rifles for what they have done to him. But moments later a gun can be heard being cocked and fired twice above the man’s head as screams echo around him. The horrifying images come as a source told MailOnline how the man has apparently since been separated from his family in Kabul and his whereabouts are not known. 

The man holds a camera as blood streams down his face as he appears shocked and panicked.

He says: “They hit me, baby!

“I was trying to reason, they hit me!”

The brave man then turns the camera to a Taliban fighter who quickly turns away as if he does not want to be caught on camera.

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Australian beaten by Taliban

The man appears to have blood streaming down his face (Image: Facebook/Habib Alami/GETTY)

Australian man beaten by Taliban

The man was beaten by the Taliban at Kabul airport (Image: Facebook/Habib Alami)

The victim can then be heard speaking in another language to this around him before a man tries to intervene.

Moments later a small squabble erupts as the intervening man appears to try to push the camera away to stop the man filming the chaotic scenes.

After regaining control of the camera the man then bravely continues his narrative to explain what had happened.

He says: “See! This is what happened to me when I was crossing [the] airport.”

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President Biden

President Biden is sticking by the August 31 deadline for withdrawal from the country (Image: CBS)

But in a terrifying moment a Taliban fighter can be heard cocking a rifle in the background and the man begins to panic.

A woman can then be heard screaming as the vicious Taliban fighter fires off two rifle rounds into the air right above their heads.

The haunting video then comes to an abrupt end as the camera points to the floor and the man stops filming.

Sources claimed the man has since been “kidnapped” according to the MailOnline and taken to 


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Suhail Shaheen

Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen is putting pressure on the west to leave Afghanistan (Image: Getty Images)

The man who has a wife in Adelaide and a brother in Sydney was with three men and two women who are believed to be his cousins. The group were all reportedly beaten by the Taliban before being “seperated” and taken away.

Chaos is mounting at Kabul airport as the deadline for evacuation looms amid growing pressure from the Taliban for western froces to leave, despite 2,000 Afghan’s still eligible to be evacuated by the U.K.

On Tuesday President Biden reaffirmed to the world that he intends to stick to the planned August 31 withdrawal deadline despite criticism from opponents and allies including the U.K. following a meeting of the G7 on Tuesday.

Boris Johnson warned the US decision to leave Afghanistan on August 31 will mean an end to evacuations from Kabul airport leaving thousands at the mercy of the Taliban.

William Murphy

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