How many times can you make changes to EPF details?

When an employee makes a withdrawal from their EPF account, inaccurate information that was submitted or mistakenly entered might lead to a number of issues. It’s possible that the name needs to be spelt correctly, wrong date of birth, mismatch is date of joining can halt the PF disbursement. However, there are restrictions on how many times an EPF member can make changes in their profile.

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There are 11 parameters that can be changed by an employee during his or her employment.

Here is a look at how many times one can make changes to each of these parameters.

Parameter Number of Times Changes Allowed

S. No Parameter Number of Times Changes Allowed
1 Member name 1
2 Gender 1
3 Date of birth 1
4 Father/Mother Name 1
5 Relationship 1
6 Marital status 2
7 Date of Joining 1
8 Date of leaving 1
9 Reason of leaving 1
10 Nationality 1
11 Aadhaar number 1

Also note that a member can request modifications to up to five (05) of the aforementioned eleven criteria within regular business hours, provided that they are filed through a single or several JD requests. However, it is important to note that these changes may result in fraud or a total alteration of the individual’s identity.

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According to the Standard Operating Procedure for processing Joint Declaration (JD) released on March 11, 2024 , “In case the changes are in more than five parameters, the matter will be thoroughly examined by the OIC, and only after duly recording the reasons in the file such cases should be processed. However, in case of any exception, the matter will be thoroughly examined by the OIC, and only after duly recording the reasons in the file such cases should be processed”

How to make changes in EPF profile?

Step 1: Member will login through his UAN/Password on Member Interface of Unified Portal.

Step 2: Click on “Manage>Modify Basic Details”.

Step 3: Please provide the correct details for any of the 11 parameters as per Aadhaar (System will verify the details entered with UIDAI- Aadhaar Data for parameters which are there in UIDAI database).

Problem: at present following discrepancy has been observed; 1. In member screen only 4 fields are available for change. 2. Limited upload options. 3. No list of acceptable documents available against each parameter.

Solution: In this screen below fields may be added with upload option with each field with list of acceptable documents. Option to provide clarification sought by EPFO RO/SRO with status; 1. Father Name/Mother Name 2. Relation 3. Date of Joining 4. Date of Leaving 5. Reason of Exit 6. Marital Status 7. Nationality.

Step 4: On clicking “Update Details” on previous screen, request will be submitted to employer for further approval.

Before submission by employer, employee can withdraw the request by pressing “Delete Request”

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