How online cricket betting cost B'luru man Rs 1.5 cr

In a tragic turn of events, the addiction of online cricket betting in IPL since 2021 led a man into staggering debts, reportedly reaching crores, ultimately resulting in his wife’s untimely demise. The couple’s ordeal unfolded in Hosadurga, Chitradurga, where an assistant engineer with the state minor irrigation department found himself entangled in a web of financial ruin.

Allegedly, the man, identified as Darshan Balu, succumbed to losses amounting to approximately Rs 1.5 crore through online cricket betting. The distressing aftermath of this financial downfall culminated tragically as Darshan’s wife, a homemaker named Ranjita V, took her own life.

Ranjita’s father, Venkatesh M, lodged a formal complaint against thirteen individuals purportedly involved in lending money to Darshan. According to reports, these lenders resorted to intimidation tactics, threatening to besmirch the family’s reputation due to unpaid debts, thereby exacerbating the already dire situation.

The grim discovery of Ranjita’s lifeless body in her bedroom on March 19 sent shockwaves through the community. In a note left behind, she detailed the relentless harassment endured by her and her husband at the hands of the moneylenders. Consequently, authorities have initiated legal proceedings, filing a case of abetment to suicide under IPC 306 against the thirteen suspects, resulting in the arrest of three individuals, while the rest remain fugitive.

Ranjita’s father shed light on the circumstances, indicating suspicions that Darshan had squandered a significant sum, purportedly around Rs 1.5 crore, in the realm of cricket betting. Despite efforts to repay the borrowed funds, Darshan allegedly still found himself indebted, owing approximately Rs 54 lakh to his creditors.

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Venturing into online cricket betting reluctantly, Darshan was allegedly coerced by the suspects, who touted it as a lucrative avenue to quick riches. Entrapped by promises of financial backing against collateral, Darshan found himself ensnared in a cycle of escalating debts, exacerbated by mounting pressure from the lenders to settle outstanding balances promptly.

“My son-in-law is innocent,” lamented Venkatesh, asserting Darshan’s unwilling involvement in the precarious betting scheme. “He was not willing to get into cricket betting, but the suspects forced him,” Venkatesh stated, underscoring the undue influence exerted upon Darshan, leading to devastating consequences for their family.

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