Hurricane Larry 'intensifying again' in major warning to US – stunning maps

HURRICANE LARRY has replaced Ida in the Atlantic Ocean over the last day, commanding powerful winds of 120mph as it veers towards the northwest.

Hurricane Larry to bring ‘uncertain’ conditions across UK

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Hurricane Ida has only just departed US shores, and Americans already have another storm to fear in Hurricane Larry. The system, which is the fifth hurricane of 2021, has spent weeks ambling over from Africa. But it has intensified, and the National Hurricane Centre (NHC), an arm of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), said it could cause trouble this week.

The NHC currently states Hurricane Larry is quickly gathering steam from its perch in the Atlantic.

At present, maximum sustained winds have built up to 120mph, although it is currently out of range of the US mainland.

The storm is 1,015 miles away from Bermuda and moving northwest at roughly 10mph.

The organisation has not released any warnings but did state the storm could eventually cause trouble on the east coast.

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Hurricane Larry path track map US evg

Hurricane Larry ‘intensifying again’ in major warning to US – stunning maps (Image: GETTY)

Hurricane Larry: Hurricane Larry

Hurricane Larry: Hurricane Larry will veer towards Canada at the end of the week (Image: NOAA)

The latest Hurricane Larry advisory states the “powerful” storm will remain in the ocean and wouldn’t make landfall in the US.

But its current track sees it brush Bermuda before swerving to the northwest towards Canada.

The NHC said it would cause “dangerous surf and rip currents” across the western Atlantic “later this week”.

The organisation added it could whip up a potentially dangerous surf in the region.

Hurricane Larry: Hurricane Larry

Hurricane Larry: Hurricane Larry’s timings this week (Image: NOAA)

Hurricane Larry: Hurricane Larry

Hurricane Larry: Hurricane Larry is currently churning at 120mph (Image: NOAA)

The latest advisory states “swells” generated by the system would impact the Lesser and Greater Antilles before descending on the Bahamas by Tuesday.

Later in the week, the storm’s course would see it bear down on Bermuda.

The NHC said it would do so as “a large and powerful hurricane” in the next few days.

The risks it generates could include “strong winds, heavy rainfall, and coastal flooding”.


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Hurricane Larry: Hurricane Larry

Hurricane Larry: At it’s centre, Hurricane Larry is churning out 70ft high waves (Image: WINDY)

The organisation could not specify the magnitude of the coming fallout.

But meteorologist Michael J Ventrice said waves could rise as high as 10ft.

Posting on Twitter, he said waves measuring seven to 10 feet could crash against the eastern seaboard later this week.

He added the system would produce the swells amid a “recurve” off the shore with a “fairly large wind field”.

These winds could mean that, at its centre, the hurricane’s winds could generate waves up to 50ft.

Any resulting swells will likely generate “life-threatening surf and rip current conditions” in the affected areas.

Further “significant swells” could reach the US east coast and Canada by “midweek”.

These areas will likely continue to bear the worst of the storm until the end of the week.

Harry Byrne

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