'I never shop without checking': How to 'always' get a deal shopping online

Financial influencer Kia Commodore and a credit card

Money saving tips: How to ‘always’ get a deal and discounts shopping online (Image: KIA COMMODORE/GETTY)

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The saver shares insight on her financial literacy online hub Pennies to Pounds. She has a number of tips to save money while shopping.

“Always use cashback sites. I love cashback sites, like TopCashback and Quidco. They’re amazing,” the 23-year-old, who hosts the Pennies to Pounds podcast, said. 

Cashback sites enable you to get money back if you spend at retailers featured on the sites.

This is because cashback sites make a commission from the retailers for sending shoppers to them, a portion of which is shared with shoppers.

Another alternative is KidStart, which lets you earn cashback with the likes of Apple and Argos if you put the cashback into a child’s savings.

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Online shopping

Money saving tips: Financial literacy influencer Kia Commodore of Pennies to Pounds spoke to Express (Image: GETTY)

Kia went on: “I never shop without checking them first.

“It’s an extension you can put on your browser.”

Another tool the Kia uses when shopping is CamelCamelCamel. CamelCamelCamel is a free Amazon price tracker. It monitors products and sends alerts when prices drop.

Kia said: “Prices on Amazon change 15 times a day.

“If you’re shopping on Amazon you might be getting a slightly higher price for an item than you could get. So use CamelCamelCamel to check the price of stuff.”


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Kia, who shares savings challengers on her Instagram account, recommended using certain apps to save money if you are going out, including the likes of Embargo.

The loyalty and rewards app helps hospitality companies save money.

Kia said: “If you are out and about but want to save money, I love apps like Embargo.

“Embargo allows you to get free drinks and free meals in places.”

Financial influencer Kia Commodore

Money saving tips: The saver shares insight on her financial literacy online hub (Image: KIA COMMODORE)

The saver gained a large following on social media after going viral on her Twitter, where she boasts 20,000 Twitter followers, for sharing an ISA guide.

She now hosts discussions on the podcast, talking about the likes of credit checks, mortgages, and scams.

Last week, Pennies to Pound’s Kia shared details of the best thing she did for her own personal finances. 

Kia shared a clever saving tip to stop online bankers from dipping in their savings pot.

Shopping online with a credit card

Money saving tips: Kia has a number of tips to save money while shopping (Image: GETTY)

She explained: “I have two or three savings accounts where I’ve automated the savings, so they come out of my debit account every month.

“But, because I don’t have online banking for those accounts, I can’t be tempted to just log on and take out the money.”

The saver went on: “I’ve got to get my ID, go to the bank and make that withdrawal.

“I think that’s really helped me to keep my savings and not dip into it and be a lot more disciplined.”

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