‘If you get it, block it!’ Britons warned of dangerous 'HMRC' National Insurance scam call

Woman calls out scam caller in the BEST way

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HMRC is a familiar name to Britons dealing with taxes, other payments, and in some cases receiving sums from the Government. But scammers also know of the well-known nature of HMRC and are using this as a way to target unsuspecting Britons. This weekend, many individuals have reported receiving a phone call which claims to be from HMRC, warning them about their National Insurance number. 

The phone call, which features an automated voice, is a threatening one which may scare those who are not already aware of the scam.

The caller informs Britons that fraud has taken place using their National Insurance number, and that HMRC will be prosecuting them, as well as suspending their number. 

With the threat of arrest and a supposed “pending lawsuit”, individuals are encouraged to press one on their keypad in order to speak to an operator.

From this point onwards, people will be asked to provide bank details to settle a fine, rectify the issue, and to avoid legal action going forward.

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hmrc national insurance scam call

National Insurance: Britons warned about dangerous ‘HMRC’ scam call which threatens arrest (Image: Getty•HMRC)

However, this is all part of an elaborate scam being staged by criminals to get Britons to part with their personal details.

There is no such National Insurance number fraud which has taken place, and the callers are simply posing as HMRC representatives.

The consequences, however, could be particularly serious if a person provides their bank details.

This could go on to be used to commit identity fraud, and clear a person’s bank account of their hard-earned cash.


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Several instances have been reported where Britons have fallen victim, so it is vital to stay alert. 

HMRC has said it will only ever call Britons to ask about a claim or payment on a debt they already know about.

The Revenue will never give the reason for a phone call on a message via voicemail, not will it leave a voice message threatening legal action.

It explained: “HMRC is aware of an automated phone call scam which will tell you HMRC is filing a lawsuit against you, and to press 1 to speak to a caseworker to make a payment.

hmrc scam phone call

National Insurance: The real HMRC has confirmed this is a scam (Image: Getty)

“We can confirm this is a scam and you should end the call immediately.

“Other scams may refer to National Insurance number fraud or offer a tax refund and request you to provide your bank or credit card information.

“If you cannot verify the identity of the caller, we recommend that you do not speak to them.

“This scam has been widely reported and often targets elderly and vulnerable people.”

Several individuals took to social media to spread the message about the scam in efforts to keep people safe. 

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One person warned: “Guys, be on the look out for scam calls from companies posing as HMRC.

“I got two this morning and one was about a fraud case, the other about mistakes in tax filing. HMRC will never contact you like this. Don’t fall for it.”

A second person said: “Scam alert HMRC – apparently I’ve committed a very serous National Insurance crime – I’ve not!”

While a third commented: “I’ve had about six calls today with a recorded message from ‘HMRC” saying my National Insurance number has been suspended. If you get it, block it. Another scam.”

HMRC has warned this call makes use of a variety of phone numbers, and can often spoof official phone numbers as well.

To help the Revenue investigate the matter, it will be important to share call details where possible through the suspicious phone call reporting form.

Britons should include the following information:

  • Date of the phone call
  • Phone number used
  • Content of the phone call

Roy Walsh

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