INDIA bloc to hold 'maha rally' in Delhi on Mar 31

Following Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest, the party and its allies of the INDIA bloc have decided to hold a ‘maha rally’ in the national capital’s Ramlila Maidan on March 31, Gopal Rai announced on Sunday at a press conference.

The minister urged all spiritual, business and political groups to join the public meeting as a protest against oppression by the ruling BJP and to safeguard the country.

“By adopting dictatorship and ending the democracy in the country, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has been arrested. There is anger in every person who loves and respects the Constitution and democracy. One by one, PM Modi is misusing the agencies to file fake cases against every opposition leader,” Rai said.

“Against this dictatorship, to strengthen and expand this fight, we have decided that on 31st March, Sunday, at 10 am, whole Delhi will gather at Ramlila Maidan. It will be the Maha rally of the INDIA alliance, not just the people of Delhi but I appeal to all the people of India, those who trust this Constitution and democracy, must come to Ramlila Maidan at 10 am on 31st March,” he added.

At the said media briefing, Delhi Congress President Arvinder Singh Lovely was also present and reiterated that the March 31 ‘maha rally’ will not be ‘political’ but a call to save country’s democracy, raise voice against the Centre.

“Democracy is in danger. Our leader (Congress MP) Rahul Gandhi is fighting to save democracy. We are standing strong with the partners of INDIA alliance,” he said.

Further, Lovely took a swipe at the BJP and said that the Opposition has not been given level playing field after Congress’ accounts have been frozen.

In protest against the BJP, AAP had also announced that it will hold a candlelight march and effigy burning across Delhi on Sunday over the arrest of Kejriwal.

“There will be a candle march and effigy burning across Delhi tomorrow in protest against the dictatorship of the BJP and the fake arrest of Arvind Kejriwal. Now the people of Delhi have come out on the streets in protest against the arrest of CM Arvind Kejriwal. We all have to stand together as the shield of Arvind Kejriwal. The arrest of Arvind Kejriwal will prove to be the last nail to oust the Modi government from power,” the party said in a statement.

The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) arrested Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on March 21 in relation to the now-canceled excise policy case.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal filed a case in the Delhi High Court on Saturday, contesting both his apprehension and the remand order issued by the trial court on March 22.

His legal team said that he argued in the Delhi High Court that the remand order and the arrest were both “illegal,” and that he should be freed from custody right away.

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