India test-fires indigenous 1500 HP engine for tanks

In a significant development, public sector BEML successfully test-fired its indigenous 1500 HP engine for military vehicles at its Mysuru plant. The test-firing, inaugurated by Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane, marks a milestone in India’s journey towards self-reliance in defense technologies.

Advancing India’s Defense Capabilities

The 1500 HP engine project is a key step towards realizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat. Giridhar Aramane highlighted the project’s importance, stating that it represents a significant stride towards enhancing India’s military capacity on the global stage. He emphasized that the engine’s development heralds a transformative movement, showcasing India’s prowess in defense technologies.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Features

The indigenous 1500 HP engine boasts advanced features, including electronic control with CRDi fuel injection system, self-air filter cleaning electronic warning control, and high power-to-weight ratio. It is designed to operate in extreme conditions, including high altitudes of 5,000 meters and above, sub-zero temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius, and desert environments up to 55 degrees Celsius.

Timely Completion and Quality Standards

The project was structured into five major milestones to ensure timely completion and adherence to quality standards. Despite challenges, including the impact of COVID-19, the first firing of the 1500 HP prototype engine signifies the completion of Generation One, focusing on technology stabilization.

Future Plans and Milestones

The production of the first generation of engines has already begun, with 20 such engines set to undergo further trials in the next year. If successful, the engines will be fitted in Indian Army‘s armored vehicles. The project’s Generation Two will involve producing engines for various trials at Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (CVRDE) and integrating them into actual vehicles for user testing. The project is slated for completion by mid-2025.

BEML’s Contribution to Defense Production

CMD of BEML Shantanu Roy highlighted that this achievement solidifies BEML’s position as a key contributor to defense production in India. The company’s commitment to serving the nation’s defense needs is underscored by this accomplishment.

BEML Team Honored for Advancing Defense Capabilities

During the event, Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane inaugurated the ‘Wall of Fame’ to honor the extraordinary efforts of the BEML team. This wall symbolizes their significant contribution towards advancing the defense capabilities of the country and achieving milestones in indigenous technological innovation. The ceremony was attended by senior civil and military officers of the Ministry of Defence, industry partners, and officials of BEML Ltd, highlighting the collaborative effort and dedication of all involved in this groundbreaking project.

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