Is baar Janta jad se saaf karegi: Tharoor on govt

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor while addressing the Lok Sabha on Wednesday came down heavily on the Modi government and said, “Is baar Janta maaf nahi karegi, jad se saaf karegi”.

Taking a dig at the government, Tharoor recited a poem : ‘Kese soch lia ki janata firse maaf karegi, is baar chunav me janata jaad se saaf karegi.’

He said that the Prime Minister’s promise to double farmers’ income is in shambles and now they’ve stopped repeating those claims.

The senior Congress leader said the government claims to have doubled pisciculture and aquaculture, but there’s absolutely no evidence to support this claim.

On the government’s Rs 11,11,111 crore capex allocation, Tharoor said, “There’s nothing particularly scientific about the calculation. A minister who chooses a lucky number is heading an economy that needs all the luck it can get.”

Tharoor said, “Only 1/3 of the women are in STEM careers. Promotion in STEM careers seems to be denied to women and the top positions are regularly occupied by men. Has the govt thought about implementing gender affirmative programmes to ensure that the number of women in STEM disciplines goes up and that they are encouraged to take on leadership positions?”

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