Joe Biden: POTUS faces day of 'shame and humiliation' – US left 'weak and spineless'

JOE BIDEN is facing increasing pressure to define and restore the authority of his administration in the coming months after facing a barrage of challenges this summer.

Biden ‘clear and present danger to US’ says Claudia Tennay

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In recent weeks the President has faced a number of crises and the coming weeks will set the stage for next year’s congressional elections. The fallout from the US’s exit from Afghanistan raised questions about Mr Biden while he also faced a crisis back home in the form of Hurricane Ida, which ravaged several cities including New York and New Jersey, and left 57 dead and four missing.

Biden is facing increasing pressure

Biden is facing increasing pressure after a challenging summer (Image: Express)

Grand Isle, Louisiana

The wake of Hurricane Ida in Grand Isle, Louisiana (Image: Getty Images)

The US commander-in-chief will today make a trip to the worst-impacted areas as he visits Manville, New Jersey, and Queens, New York, to survey storm damage.

Repercussions are also ringing in the fallout after the Supreme Court did not respond to an emergency appeal by abortion providers, meaning Texas passed a law banning abortion from as early as six weeks.

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‘We will recover together’

Ahead of his trip today, President Biden took to social media to share a video with the message ” We will recover from Hurricane Ida — together.”

Biden to deliver ‘big’ Covid speech

Reports on social media suggest Joe Biden will give a Covid update tomorrow which could be “the most they’ve done to date”. 

President Biden is set to deliver what’s being described as a pretty big Covid speech tomorrow, per multiple people. Officials still finalizing specifics, but expected to have several components on schools, private companies, fed workers. The most they’ve done to date, one says.

u2014 Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) September 7, 2021

Good morning from the White House

President Biden is preparing to visit New York and New Jersey to survey the damage left by Hurricane Ida.

Francesca Edwards

Most powerful storm to hit Gulf Coast

Hurricane Isa is one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever strike the US Gulf Coast with winds of 150 miles per hour.

Almost 480,000 customers in Louisiana remain without power in Louisiana, according to the website.

Mullica HIll, New Jersey, USA

Mullica HIll, New Jersey, USA (Image: PA)

Francesca Edwards

Governor ready to welcome POTUS

Governor of New York State Kathy Hochul will welcome Joe Biden later today. 

She took to social media to express her appreciation for the disaster declaration announced to support residents in the wake of Hurricane Ida.

NEW: @POTUS has approved an expedited Major Disaster Declaration, providing financial relief to help NYers recover.

Eligible homeowners will be able to receive direct support from FEMA.

I am grateful for this swift approval & look forward to welcoming @POTUS to NY tomorrow.

u2014 Kathy Hochul (@GovKathyHochul) September 6, 2021

Francesca Edwards

Opportunity for victory narrowing

Biden wants to fight back against a ban on most abortions in Texas, but the White House could face some problems as it is heavily reliant on Congress for action. 

The Democrats have a thin majority and need 6o votes to pass relevant legislation to the Senate, meaning the president’s opportunities for victory are narrowing.

Francesca Edwards

Biden told to stop interfering with Brexit

Joe Biden is also being warned to stop interfering in Brexit. 

Lord David Trimble, the former leader of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), has written to the President urging him to stop “political uncertainty” and damage to “the Northern Ireland economy” caused by post-Brexit trade compromises with the EU. 

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Francesca Edwards

Trump beats Biden in 2024 election poll

Former President Donald Trump is the favourite to win the 2024 US election, according to a national Emerson College Poll.

Trump would be slightly favoured with 47 percent against Biden’s 46 percent and a margin of error of 2.7 percentage points.

Donald Trump Getty

Donald Trump beats Biden in election poll (Image: Getty Images)

Francesca Edwards

Biden made America look ‘spineless’

Piers Morgan said the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks will be a “moment of bitter shame and humiliation” for Biden, in the wake of his handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

Morgan said the “shameful disaster” could cost Biden the presidency. 

Francesca Edwards

Abortion clinics will be protected say Justice Department

The US Justice Department confirmed it would protect people seeking or providing abortions in Texas. 

“The department will provide support from federal law enforcement when an abortion clinic or reproductive health centre is under attack,” said US Attorney General Merrick Garland.

He added the department would “not tolerate violence against those seeking to obtain or provide reproductive health services.”

Abortion law protests in Times Square, New York

Abortion law protests in Times Square, New York (Image: Getty Images)

Francesca Edwards

Another storm on the horizon

Hurricane Larry began about 715 miles off the Northern Leeward Islands. 

Although it is predicted to remain out at sea in the Atlantic, the Hurricane is expected to cause “significant swells” along the U.S East Coast from midweek until the weekend, according to  National Weather Service meteorologist Lara Pagano.

“These swells will likely cause life-threatening surf and rip-conditions so beach-goers are urged to follow the guidance of lifeguards and local officials,” Pagano said.

Francesca Edwards

Coast Guard probing 350 oil spills

The Coast Guard along the Gulf Coast said it was probing nearly 350 reports of oil spills in the wake of Ida, including a 14-mile long spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Around 88 percent of the region’s offshore oil production remains shut after the Hurricanes wreaked havoc on oil production platforms and oil and gas processing plants.

“Almost 350 oil spills have been reported in the Gulf of Mexico since Hurricane Ida. One spill created an oil slick 12+ miles long, reportedly caused by an old pipeline.

There are about 18,000 miles of abandoned pipelines in the Gulf, most not cleanu2026

u2014 Muzamil (@promuzi) September 7, 2021

Francesca Edwards

Covid on the rise

The United States remains the worst-hit nation by the pandemic as it surpassed 40 million cases on Monday. 

Pockets of vaccine resistance and the delta variant are threatening Biden’s early success in managing the pandemic. 

Daily infections are now more than four times what they were seeing this time last year and hospitalisations are up 158 percent according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Francesca Edwards

Biden’s approval rating take a hit

Joe Biden’s job approval rating fell to 45.8 percent approval and 48.5 disapproval, down from a high of 54 percent, approval at the end of his first 100 days. 

Francesca Edwards

Destruction of Hurricane Ida

New York has confirmed 17 deaths from Ida, with four in suburban Westchester County and the rest in New York City.

In New Jersey, there were at least 27 confirmed storm deaths and four people missing, a governor’s spokesperson said.

Louisiana has a confirmed death toll of 13.

 The effects of Hurricane Ida in Grand Isle, Louisiana

The effects of Hurricane Ida in Grand Isle, Louisiana (Image: Getty Images)

Francesca Edwards

Disaster declaration

Joe Biden approved major disaster declarations to aid people in six New Jersey counties and five New York counties affected by flooding from Hurricane Ida. 

The declaration will allow individuals to receive assistance, including grants for temporary housing and home repairs, and loans to cover property loss.

Francesca Edwards

Americans still stranded in Afghanistan

The President is coming under fire are reports claiming American citizens are among those left stranded in Afghanistan. 

Marina LeGree, who founded US-based NGO Ascend in 2013, has claimed between 600 and 1,300 people had been stranded waiting to exit Afghanistan near the Mazar-i-Sharif airport.

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Harry Byrne

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