Kiko hits 99% fulfillment rates over ONDC

Kiko Live said it has over 99% fill and fulfillment rates and processed 1.3 lakh kirana orders for retailers over the ONDC network. The company is working with ONDC to improve processes further and now seeks to improve business metrics further.

“ONDC is constantly working with us to improve processes further and keep improving this metric, and also bring multiple hyperlocal logistics partners on the platform to bring delivery speeds on par with Quick Commerce. We are working to fulfill every retailer’s dream of a successful digital footprint,” Alok Chawla, Co-Founder of Kiko Live, said.

Fill rate means if a customer orders five items and receives only three products, then the fill rate is 60%. Fulfilment rate means the total received orders which are delivered. Then company also presented their business case on Shark Tank recently where Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal said digital sales by retail stores cannot succeed due to low fulfillment rates of 70%, relating to the Blinkit experience of fulfilling orders from stores before it moved to the dark store lead business.

The SaaS solution for neighbourhood stores said it has processed over one lakh total orders on the ONDC network. Since its onboarding on the open network in December last year, sellers on Kiko have witnessed significant business growth with nearly 2500 orders per day. The company works directly with kirana stores to digitize their business.

“Our sales team invests time and effort with each retailer signing up with us and helps him start getting at least 10-15 new orders a day before moving on to onboarding and setting up the next retailer. Let alone 5%; some of our retailers have seen their business more than double after working with us,” Chawla added.

About 13 million kirana stores in India generate over $800 billion in annual business, yet most of them do not have a digital footprint. These sellers continue to depend on orders received over call and Whatsapp for their home delivery business which constitutes over 10% of their business — that’s an $80 billion plus kirana led home delivery business that already exists today, in spite of availability of quick commerce.

Quick commerce at under $4 billion is a small fraction of the kirana home delivery business even today. Kiko Live helps sellers build their digital storefront on ONDC Network and helps them give their store customers an online experience.

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