Man shares how he made £2,000 in two days – before giving half of it away

IT’S HARD to imagine getting more than £2000 overnight and then giving half of it away the next day, but that’s exactly what finance MD David Woodward did in July 2021.

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Known philanthropist and investment expert, Mr Woodward was able to donate £1,040 to charity after seeing the investing algorithm net 200 percent returns in less than two days. MD of Woodward Financials, Mr Woodward has created the in-house ‘super algorithm’, and by identifying profitable opportunities in trading markets it offers an extended insight and guide for solid investments.

Using £1,000 of his own money, the algorithm provided returns of over £2,000 in only one day and 20 hours.

Having spent five years in creation, Mr Woodward sought to bring philanthropy to the trading floor and utilise his knowledge for good.

With the algorithm now operating in full swing, he took the opportunity to showcase just how powerful it is by having it fuel his philanthropic donation to Victoria’s Promise.

However, what was intended to be a week-long investment venture ended in just two days after the investment reached and went beyond the original goal.   

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Man holding money

Mr Woodward (not pictured) plans to use the algorithm as a tool for Woodward Financials’ clients. (Image: GETTY)

“I started with £1,000 and after 1d 20hr 2m 48 seconds on the July 26, we made a gain of £2,079.87 on July 29 gifting 50 percent of the gain,” Mr Woodward commented.

Mr Woodward has been a known patron and is constantly putting his investment and trading skills to use in order to fund charities like Victoria’s Promise and give donations.

He also explained that Woodward Financials intends to continue making these types of donations and provide a foothold for charities in the trading sector.

“The more investors that become clients of Woodward Financials, the more we’ll be able to help charities like Victoria’s Promise.


“It’s an excellent way for clients to get involved by nominating their own favourite charities when they work with us.”

Not only did the algorithm provide this remarkable achievement and charitable donation, it also saw zero losses during the time it was running, alongside 32 profitable trades.

Mr Woodward, having created the algorithm, knew exactly how to best utilise it and says he’s now offering this unique investment edge to clients of Woodward Financials.

The algorithm is focused on trading market opportunities and indices like FX and the FTSE 100.

Woman laughing with children

Victoria’s Promise was founded in 2014 (Image: Victoria’s Promise)

Victoria’s Promise is a non-profit organisation that supports young women who are facing a cancer diagnosis.

Aiming to provide a nurturing community and the necessary tools to help empower and fortify the women dealing with the diagnosis.

The charity is also headed by patronage from the Duchess of Marlborough.

Sarah Willcox joined Victoria’s Promise after her own diagnosis and commented that it helped her create progress in her life despite cancer.  

“Victoria’s Promise and their App have helped me get through one of my hardest journeys of my life.

“The app has given me the opportunity to meet ladies in similar position and seek support and support others in a safe community.

“I’ve learnt new skills and gained a different outlook through their webinars to help me get in a positive place to progress forward in my life.”

It is important to be note that all investing, capital is at risk.

William Murphy

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