Mastercard cards not working across the UK: Hundreds unable to use credit and debit cards

USE MASTERCARD? You might want to leave the house with cash or a VISA card today as Mastercard-powered credit and debit cards are not working across the UK, a growing number of reports reveal. Hundreds of customers have experienced issues paying at the checkout with a Mastercard card. Banks including Santander, Monzo, First Direct, Barclaycard, HSBC, and Nationwide rely on Mastercard.

mastercard debit credit card not working outage cant pay

Mastercard customers are struggling to pay in the UK right now (Image: GETTY • MASTERCARD)

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Mastercard appears to be suffering an outage across the UK this morning, with hundreds of debit and credit card owners taking to social media to complain about the problems. The issues prevent people from paying with Mastercard-powered credit and debit cards at the checkout in shops. Mastercard and VISA are the leading payment technologies that enable payments. There are no known issues with VISA in the UK right now.

Banks including Santander, Monzo, First Direct, Barclaycard, HSBC, and Nationwide all rely on Mastercard for their cards.

mastercard debit credit card not working outage cant pay

A growing number of complaints suggest there are problems nationwide with Mastercard payments (Image: DOWNDETECTOR)

Independent service DownDetector, which monitors the performance of online services by tracking complaints on social media, shows a huge spike in the number of complaints about Mastercard. At its peak, more than 400 people were complaining about the glitch. It’s unclear what has caused the problem, which has seen shoppers at the checkout unable to pay for goods. Huge numbers of people have taken to Twitter to share their experiences during the outage, which is believed to have started around 11.30am this morning (March 5, 2022).

Oh . Bloody hell all my cards are mastercard . Did you manage to get your stuff though ?

— Jojo ������ (@jogthefon) March 5, 2022

Just a heads up, seems like people are having issues with mastercard today so if you’re going shopping, take visa or cash. My monzo was declined at ASDA ������������

— Jo (@dream_stars01) March 5, 2022

@Mastercard currently down, can confirm in Ireland and also seeing reports in the UK

— The Cryptolorian (@TheCryptolorian) March 5, 2022

Had the panic of “oh god someone’s cloned all my cards in town and now they’re blocked” when all FOUR of my cards declined in Aldi. Nope, worldwide @Mastercard issues ������‍♀️

— Amy Sanders (@pintsizethunder) March 5, 2022

“Morrisons unable to take Mastercard payment this morning. Manager says it’s a worldwide problem,” one disgruntled shopper shared on social media. Another added: “Great got declined doing shopping because of issues with Mastercard”

Mastercard has not commented on the growing number of reports. In response to one customer who tweeted about issues with payment in a UK supermarket, the customer service team from Mastercard responded: “Mastercard is a technology provider to banks and financial institutions. We do not hold any account or transaction related information. Please contact your card issuing bank regarding your query via the number listed at the back of your card. Thank you!”

More to follow, please refresh the webpage for the most up-to-date information…

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