May U.S. healthcare govt grants, clinical trials & NIH outlays increase vs April, says Baird

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U.S. outlays from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), clinical trials, and healthcare government grants for May increased over April and Y/Y, according to Baird Equity Research.

In May, NIH outlays increased ~13% YY in May and 16% vs. April to $3.49B, after a 14% YY decline and 15% YY growth in April and March, respectively.

Baird estimates NIH exposure for tools names as follows: (NSTG) ~20%+, (ILMN) ~20%, (TECH) ~15%, (PKI) ~6%, (TMO) ~6%, (AVTR) ~5%, (A) ~1%-2%, (WAT) ~1%.

Clinical trials listed on monthly increased ~1% in May to 416,913, a rise of 10% Y/Y. Baird believes if growth continues on its YTD trajectory, this would imply ~441,424 registered clinical trials at 2022-end, a ~10.5% YY increase, slightly above 2021’s ~10.2% YY growth.

Illumina (ILMN) currently has the most clinical trials, at 348, followed by NanoString (NSTG) at 139.

As of May 31, 35,563 clinical trials were funded by the NIH, 128,999 were funded by industry, 7,802 were funded by other U.S. federal agencies, and 248,229 were funded by other sources.

U.S. government grants increased ~1% vs. April-end and ~7% YY. The fastest-growing keyword among grants during May was “diagnostic,” which rose 1% vs. April-end.

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