Mum-of-two explains how she makes money 'while she's sleeping'

Passive income: Expert on making money when you’re not working

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MamaFurFur has a youtube channel which teaches people how to achieve financial freedom (Image: HeraldScotland)

Youtuber MamaFurFur, aka Jen Kempson explains that the value of money is in its ability to give one ‘Time Freedom’. Time Freedom is the concept of being able to make money without giving up a lot of your time, and that being able to generate an abundance of money.

The mum-of-two was able to manifest this concept of an abundance of money by creating her own business, and a ‘content machine’, which eventually led to her being able to make money whilst she sleeps.

Ms Kempson spoke on The Meaningful Money Podcast and discussed how she was able to achieve this.

She said: “I chose this particular method of basically choosing passive incomes at every possibility because for me Time Freedom was key.

“If you want to make money while you’re sleeping or while you’re not working you have to allow people to give you money and have ways to actually make that happen.

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Many people make passive income by creating their own Youtube channels (Image: GETTY)

“So for me, I just loved YouTube. For that you create it once, and people can watch it multiple times of the day and I can get ad revenues, people can give you tips.

“The same with services and products.

“I created digital products because there was no inventory. I could get it straight to the person. I could create something really great once.

“I’ve got a spreadsheet that I sell … we’ve sold 2.5 million copies of this one spreadsheet, like it’s helping people.


“I thought can I create this and then allow multiple people to exchange when they buy it.”

When creating this model, Ms Kempson knew she could not achieve this Time Freedom in her nine to five job. She was an electronic engineer but knew her money was dependent on her showing up.

She continued: “I’ve been in the nine to five job and I wanted to create Time Freedom and I knew that if I built a model that relied on me showing up … I think I would resent it.

“I started at nothing and built it up … and now it just keeps compounding as long as I keep wanting and I’m inspired to do stuff.


Financial freedom may be achieved if one can make money while they sleep (Image: GETTY)

“I can take days or weeks off and it will stay compounding quite happily.”

Ms Kempson has a young family two young boys, aged five and ten so her lifestyle was quite busy, taking care of them and working her day job.

She aims to help people create their dream life, like she did, by helping them achieve Financial and Time Freedom.

She added: “I just had to make time. I would literally film a video during my lunch hour, so I would put up the camera and do that a couple of times a week. I may get up earlier and do it then, but the great thing was because I was balancing this with a day job the amounts of hours I could put in were very small. They had to be focussed, they had to be quality and I think that’s been the secret source.

“I’ve not worked ten hours a day on it. I’ve worked one or two really concise, quality hours and that means I just have to keep up that standard now.”

The method of turning Time Freedom into reality is gradual as it does not always happen overnight.

It can require a sacrifice of time initially, but Ms Kempson explains it doesn’t have to be much as long as a person is producing quality work.

Ms Kempson gave listeners her advice on how to achieve success and said: “Consistency … you have to put out 150 videos before it gets any traction. I also just love helping and teaching people and I think the world can feel that energy.

“I think it’s just a case that I have this vision, one of my most important goals is creating prosperous millionaires. I want to help other people so right now it’s the only thing I can see myself doing.”

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