'Nice to be appreciated’ Boss invests £500,000 into his staff by giving everyone a payrise

HMRC discuss rules on hourly pay and back pay

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Appearing on the ITV show this evening, he described the reasoning behind the action he took. He said: “After meeting everyone, what I’ve decided to do is put a wage increase across the board. This will be an investment of about half a million.

“I’m also going to give a thousand-pound bonus to all the guys at Barking.”

The crew are currently based at the end of an industrial state, with no facilities, and hardly any room to move vans in and out.

Upon arriving at the site, Mr Taylor said: “I am shocked, I can’t believe this. I cannot condone this site.”

As part of the ITV programme, Mr Taylor went undercover to find out why people were not happy with their jobs.

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undercover big boss

Undercover Big Boss provided an insight into one company (Image: ITV)

Pickfords took a blow during the pandemic when a lot of their staff decided to leave.

With the cutting of stamp duty being announced, there was an increase in people moving houses.

This increase meant there was a demand for removal vans which meant Pickfords company had a lot of work to do.

However, problems arose when there were not enough members to do the jobs, particularly as people were leaving.


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Whilst undercover at Barking, Mr Taylor found out the crew’s hourly wage was less than what a bin collector makes.

Each staff member makes around £8.92 an hour, and this had not been increased in 11 years.

It is worth noting the April 2021 minimum wage is set at £8.91 for individuals aged 23 and over, and £6.56 for those aged 18 to 20.

One staff member said: “Younger people aren’t going to come here, and work for that amount.

undercover boss ITV

The Undercover Boss was able to invest money into the company by providing staff with a payrise (Image: Getty)

“For the type of hard labour they do, this amount of money is low.”

After received the good news, the crew felt appreciated, and were ultimately happy with the outcome.

Another staff member expressed his delight as the programme culminated.

He added: “Thank you so much.

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“Now I ain’t so skint… I can now manage all my bills.

“And use that extra for a day out with kids.

“This is a bonus, it’s an extra that we weren’t expecting.

“A pay rise and a bonus, I’m happy. It’s nice to be appreciated.”

Roy Walsh

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