Okta vs Duo (2024): Which IAM Tool Is Best for Your Business?


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Okta and Duo provide solutions for maintaining data security. Compare the features of Okta and Duo to help you choose the best option for your identity and access management needs.

Identity and access management solutions like Okta and Duo are extremely valuable for organizations that want to centralize user identity management, authentication processes and access privileges across various systems and applications. While both Okta and Duo offer strong identity management features like multi-factor authentication, user provisioning, single sign-on and endpoint visibility, there are still notable differences in how each vendor approaches IAM. Duo, which is now part of Cisco Security, takes a more unified approach to IAM, while Okta uses a two-pronged approach: workforce identity cloud and customer identity cloud.

To get the full gist of each vendor’s value propositions, we’ve reviewed the features and capabilities of each IAM solution, their pricing details, strengths and weaknesses, all of which will help you make the best decision for your organization.

Okta vs. Duo: Comparison

Okta and Duo are similar in many ways, including authentication methods, monitoring features, integration and compatibility.

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