Ola Solo: World's 1st self-driven electric scooter

Ola Electric’s founder and chief executive officer, Bhavish Aggarwal, has revealed the company’s new electric scooter.

Named Ola Solo, it is touted to be the world’s first autonomous electric scooter.

“Promised you a new product and here it is! Presenting ‘Ola Solo – India’s first autonomous electric scooter.’ Solo is fully autonomous, AI-enabled, and a traffic-smart scooter. Hail a ride or drive your own Solo. We will disrupt ride-hailing and local commerce!” Bhavish said in a post on X.

After Bhavish tweet on Ola Solo’s video on April 1 went viral, prompting many to dub it as an prank. Later Bhavish came out with an explanation saying, ” Not just an April fools joke! We announced Ola Solo yesterday. It went viral and many people debated whether it’s real or an April fools joke! While the video was meant to provide a laugh to people, the technology behind it is something we’ve been working on and have prototyped. It shows the kind of pioneering work our engineering teams are capable of. Ola Solo is a glimpse into the future of mobility and our engineering teams are working on autonomous and self-balancing tech in two wheelers which you’ll see if future products from us.

As per Ola, the Solo is “ideated, innovated, and manufactured in-house.”

It promises the “most advanced technology, blending quantum computing with neural networks.”

The Ola Solo has QUICKIE.AI, which is capable of making split-second decisions, the Bengaluru-based EV firm claimed. Furthermore, it has an in-house developed chip, LMAO9000, that analyzes real-time traffic data to navigate streets with ease.

The Ola Solo also features an innovative ‘Juice Up’ feature enabled by Electrosnooze Quantum. “Every time the Ola Solo runs low on charge, it finds the nearest Hypercharger to energize itself,” Ola said.

Ola Solo’s adaptive algorithm helps it learn from every ride, the company added.

Besides, the electric scooter will come with Krutrim voice-enabled AI technology with support for 22 languages. It will have a facial recognition system and helmet activation for additional security. Most importantly, it has a summon feature – a driverless ride will pick you up when this feature is activated through the Ola app, says the EV firm.

What’s more, its vibrating seat will warn you about upcoming turns or potential hazards.

Ola has not yet revealed any launch date for the Solo.

Watch the video of Ola Solo here:

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