Provide proof or face action: BJP to Atishi

New Delhi: Delhi BJP chief Virendra Sachdeva on Tuesday slammed AAP leader Atishi challenging her to provide details of her allegation that she was approached to join the saffron party or be prepared for a legal action. Addressing a press conference, Sachdeva said that his party will take legal action against Atishi if she fails to provide proof to her claim that the BJP approached her to join it through her close friend.

“If Atishi fails to provide details of the person who she claims approached her on our behalf to join the BJP, we will take legal action against her. She can’t put baseless allegations against us and get away with it,” Sachdeva said.

Meanwhile, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari demanded an apology from the AAP minister warning her to be prepared to face legal action if she does not provide proof to her claim.

“We want Atishi to tender an apologise for putting a false allegation against us or provide proof of the person who approached her. We will take legal action if she does not back her claim by this evening,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Atishi claimed that the BJP approached her through a “very close” person to join the party or be prepared to be nabbed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) within a month.

“I was approached by the BJP through a person very close to me who asked me to join the BJP to save and enhance my political career or I will be arrested within a month,” she said addressing a press conference.

Harry Byrne

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