Ratan Tata's 24X7 animal hospital opening soon

At the age of 86, Ratan Tata, renowned for his compassion towards stray dogs, is on the verge of launching his latest and long-awaited initiative—a state-of-the-art animal hospital in Mumbai. Born out of his personal struggle and global quest to find advanced medical care for his injured pet, the hospital is finally set to open its doors in the first week of March. Spanning 2.2 acres and constructed at a cost of Rs 165 crore, this facility will stand out as one of the few 24×7 hospitals in India catering to dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals.

In an exclusive interview with TOI before the unveiling of the Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital in Mahalaxmi, Ratan Tata emphasized, “Pets are considered integral members of families today. Having cared for numerous pets in my lifetime, I understand the necessity for such a hospital.”

Reflecting on the ordeal he faced when seeking advanced medical treatment for his injured dog, Tata said his experience provided him with firsthand exposure to the capabilities of a world-class veterinary hospital, prompting him to advocate for the establishment of a similar facility in Mumbai.

However, Tata could only embark on this endeavor after stepping down as chairman of Tata Sons in 2012.

A recent publication delves into the unusual bond between a millennial and Ratan Tata, shedding light on the legendary entrepreneur in a heartwarming context. Tata, contributing a note to the book titled “I Came Upon a Lighthouse,” reveals that a mutual concern for the well-being of homeless, hungry, and mistreated dogs and cats united him and author Shantanu Naidu. Their shared compassion for stray animals ignited an unexpected friendship.

In 2014, Naidu, a young automobile design engineer, devised an innovation to safeguard local strays from being harmed by speeding vehicles. Tata, renowned for his empathy towards stray dogs, took notice and not only chose to invest in the project but also became a mentor, employer, and cherished friend to Naidu over time, inspiring new initiatives and insights.

Tata decided to support their start-up, providing both financial backing and personal encouragement for its growth.

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William Murphy

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