Residents of this Yorkshire city have the lowest UK salary – are you earning enough?

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Wages differ across the UK, with people earning more in some cities than others. These rankings show where each city stacks up.

The rankings, put together by CV-Library, compare data between June and August 2020 and threw up some interesting results.

Unsurprisingly, London tops the list with an average monthly salary of £2,410.86, which is over £100 more than the second placed city.

Aberdeen comes in second, with a monthly salary averaging out at £2,278.66, the largest figure in Scotland.

Another Scottish city is third on the list, as Edinburgh has an average monthly salary of £2,254.66.

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Money hands

London has the highest average salary (Image: GETTY)

Here is the full list, ranked from highest to lowest average monthly salary.

London- 2,410.86

Aberdeen- 2,278.66

Edinburgh- 2,254.66

Brighton- 2,223.72

(Image: )

Bristol- 2,210.04

Exeter- 2,203.14

Cardiff- 2,162.09

Sheffield- 2,156.74

Manchester- 2,121.30

Birmingham- 2,104.58

Money calculator

Hull has the lowest average salary (Image: GETTY)

Leeds- 2,100.79

Southampton- 2,088.01

Portsmouth- 2,079.34

Newcastle- 2,075.61

Glasgow- 2,061.88

Liverpool- 2,043.28

Leicester- 1,976.45

Hull- 1,958.13

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