Road project sanctions go digital from today

The ministry of road transport and highways has issued detailed standard operating procedures for recording and digitising the sanction process for all road projects with effect from April 1, 2024.

“The move is aimed at ensuring paperless, informative, transparent and accountable sanction process and has to be mandatorily followed for works being executed through the National Highways Authority of India,” it said in a notification.

As per the notification, besides NHAI other stakeholders involved in construction of roads and highways will also be mandated to sanction projects based on the SOPs. These include the state government, the Border Road Organisation, the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation and all project implementation units (PIUs) under the road ministry.

The ministry plans to also onboard the concerned chief engineers of national highways of the state governments on the e-office portal of the ministry to follow the proposed SOPs. Concerned project zone will ensure CE(NH) of the State Govt is onboarded on e-office.

The ministry has entrusted all its project zone section of all road projects at its headquarter to create an e-file for all national highways works requiring sanction of MoRTH.

“The project zone section at headquarter shall also maintain the electronic register containing file number, name of work, sanctioned cost, computer number, etc. for authentic records,” it said.

Following this, the concerned chief engineer of the state governments or PIUs shall submit the proposal to the ministry’s project zone electronically through e-office and the zone will then assign a number for the received proposal.

“Concerned project zones at headquarter, after due scrutiny, will seek concurrence and approval from competent authority as per relevant delegations and procedures and generate the Unique Project Code which will be updated on the ministry’s dashboard,” it said, adding a draft sanction letter will be automatically created on the system.

As per the notification, planning zone, monitoring zone and top officers in the ministry will have the master access on the PMIS/Datalake/SAP through standard dashboard to have sanction details of the entire country on a real-time basis.

Harry Byrne

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