'Sign of failure!' Tom Tugendhat takes aim as UK and US re-deploy troops to Afghanistan

TOM TUGENDHAT admits the UK and US have failed in Afghanistan by sending troops to support their citizens returning home.

Afghanistan: ‘Thousands displaced’ to Kabul reveals expert

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The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee previously served with the armed forces in Afghanistan. He said: “The decision to withdraw is like a rug pulled from under the feet of our partners.”

Six hundred troops from the UK and 3,000 US troops are heading to Afghanistan after the Taliban made gains.

It follows the decision to withdraw US and UK troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of equipping and training Afghan security forces.

Conservative MP Mr Tugendhat said: “A hasty exit is not a sign of success.

“Needing reinforcements to keep the door open as you leave is a sure sign of failure.

Tom Tugendhat

Committee chairman Tom Tugendhat speaking to the media at the Armagh city hotel (Image: PA)

Afghan security forces

Afghan security force members are seen near the burning drugs in Jalalabad (Image: PA)

“To keep the door open as you leave is a sure sign of failure.”

The Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “I have authorised the deployment of additional military personnel to support the diplomatic presence in Kabul, assist British nationals to leave the country and support the relocation of former Afghan staff who risked their lives serving alongside us.

“The security of British nationals, British military personnel and former Afghan staff is our first priority. We must do everything we can to ensure their safety.”

The Taliban seized control of the cities of Ghazni and Herat on Thursday.

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Afghan people

Afghan displaced people in Kabul (Image: PA)

Afghan civil war statistics

Afghan civil war (Image: Express)

This has increased the chance of the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.

Ghazni is only 93 miles from Kabul and is located on the Kabul-Kandahar motorway which links to Kabul.

The Taliban now control around a third of the country’s regional cities and the majority of Northern Afghanistan.

Save the Children reported 72,000 children are sleeping in the streets in the capital of Kabul after being internally displaced.


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According to the UN more than 1,000 civilians have been killed in Afghanistan during the past month.

Tobias Ellwood MP, chairman of the Defence Select Committee, tweeted: “What would Churchill say? This is NOT our finest hour. What happened to GLOBAL BRITAIN and AMERICA IS BACK?

“The largest high tech military alliance ever – defeated by an insurgency armed with mines, RPGs and AK47s. We can and must do better.”

The US started to withdraw forces on 1 May 2021. 

In late 2014, British combat troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan. 

Harry Byrne

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