Simon’s weekly wrap: US inflation and stocks for our time

This week MoneywebNOW looked at the bind the US Fed is in concerning inflation, stocks that may benefit from SA’s energy deregulation, the tech-free CoreShares S&P ETF, Ethereum outperforming Bitcoin, and more.

The big market news of the week was the US second quarter GDP data that came in negative, putting the US economy into a technical recession. I’ve been speaking to Adrian Saville for over a year about US inflation and risks to growth and this week I asked him just how bad this data point is… (Read the transcript).

Locally the big story was President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Monday evening announcement of the deregulation of our energy sector. I spoke with Anthony Clark, looking for some listed stocks that may benefit. There are a bunch listed on the JSE and we dug into a few with some detail, discussing their potential (Read the transcript).

With tech stocks in the US still under pressure and releasing what can at best be called modest results, I spoke with Chris Rule from CoreShares on its S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats ETF. Due to the construction of the exchange-traded fund (US stocks need a fifty-year track record of dividend payments) it has no tech and makes for a great core ETF for your diverse global portfolio (Read the transcript).

Crypto has had a tough year but the main coins have bounced off recent lows. I spoke with Luno’s Marius Reitz about the recovery in the fear and greed index, as crypto prices have moved higher. We also spoke about the shift by Ethereum from proof of work to proof of stake that has seen it outperform Bitcoin (Read the transcript).

Also this week:

Samukelo Zwane, product head at FNB Wealth and Investments, discusses the impact of rising interest rates on cash and equity investments (Read the transcript).

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