Southwest Airlines' flight attendants vote against tentative agreement

As has increasingly been the case, LUV’s FA union along w/ AAL and UAL’s is comparing their expected compensation gains to what the pilots at the big 3 got – LUV is still negotiating w/ its pilots – rather than what flight attendants should get.

Airlines have given eye-popping increases to pilots but they are a very different workgroup with very different economics, including a substantial shortage of pilots at least at the bottom end of the sector – to staff regional and low cost carriers which do not have the longhaul international route systems which can drive big salaries for senior pilots.

Meanwhile, DAL gave its non-union flight attendants and non-pilot personnel nice salary increases – but certainly not as large as the pilots. and none of AAL, LUV or UAL’s flight attendant unions have been willing to accept DAL’s non-union salary increases while promising something better – and delivering nothing.

AAL says it will match DAL flight attendant compensation but not go more than that.

Meanwhile, DAL employees get profit sharing which further boosts their salaries and DAL’s profits are still industry-leading.

Sad is the disconnect between union demands and market realities.

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